BIG BLASTS FROM THE PAST – 5 Classic Albums Turning 45 In 2021

These 5 classic LP’s turn 45 in 2021


Released: 10 December 1976 – debut LP
Rolling Stone wrote: “Everything is sung by Deborah Harry, possessor of a bombshell zombie’s voice that can sound dreamily seductive and woodenly Mansonite within the same song. It’s an interesting combination and forces all the songs on Blondie to work on at least two levels: as peppy but rough pop, and as distanced, artless avant-rock.”

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Released: 23 April 1976 – debut LP
AllMusic wrote: “With the three-chord assault of “Blitzkrieg Bop,” Ramones begins at a blinding speed and never once over the course of its 14 songs does it let up. The Ramones is all about speed, hooks, stupidity, and simplicity. The songs are imaginative reductions of early rock & roll, girl-group pop, and surf rock.”

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Released: 15 September 1976 – third LP
AllMusic wrote: “Comprised of recordings taken from 1975 tours, the live Stupidity finally captures the relentless, hard-driving energy of Dr. Feelgood at their peak. All the music on Stupidity is presented raw and without overdubs, making it clear that the dynamic friction between guitarist Wilko Johnson and vocalist Lee Brilleaux could propel the band toward greatness.”

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Released: 5 January 1976 – 17th LP
Rolling Stone said: “In typical Dylan style, the follow-up to Blood on the Tracks was mostly bashed out in one all-night New York session, fueled by tequila. “Sara,” his account of his crumbling marriage, and the politically charged “Hurricane” highlight the last great album
he’d make for many years.”

Here comes the hurricane


Released: 8 December 1976 – fifth LP
Billboard said: “The casually beautiful, quietly-intense multileveled vocal harmonies
and brilliant original songs that meld solid emotional words with lovely melody lines
are all back in force, keeping the Eagles at the acme of acoustic electric soft rock.”

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Legendary British R & B Rockers DR. FEELGOOD Topped UK Album Charts With ‘STUPIDITY’ This Day In 1979

9 October 2020

This day in 1979 the legendary British R & B rockers DR.FEELGOOD led by the
late charismatic singer Lee Brilleaux and fabulous guitarist Wilko Johnson, who
paved the way for the punk generation, immortalized their steamy live shows with
a red-roaring live album called STUPIDITY that topped the UK albums charts this
day in 1971.

If you never heard of them, then you really
need to check out their live force here…

STUPIDITY in full…

DR. FEELGOOD: Facebook – Bio

Debut Single ‘ROXETTE’ by DR. FEELGOOD (1974)

Top singles from the past…

8 April 2020


Band: Dr.Feelgood (UK)
Note: Flamboyant frontman Lee Brilleaux passed away 7 April 1994.
Legendary, original guitarist and singer/songwriter Wilko Johnson  
is a cancer survival, alive & kicking and still going strong. He recorded
with Roger Daltrey an album called ‘Going Back Home with ten
Johnson songs and a Bob Dylan cover. The LP reached No 3 in the UK
Single: Roxette  
B-side: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66  
Released: November 1974
Album: Down By The Jetty 

Here we go…

DR. FEELGOOD: Biography


YESTERDAY’S CRACKERS – This Week: 25 Killer Tracks And 3 Top LP’s From 1978…

The best of the past

Every week Turn Up The Volume! jumps into the past! Relive 25 Crackers and
3 Top Albums per year/per week. Here’s another fabulous year to remember: 1978.



– ‘All Mod Cons‘ by THE JAM

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– ‘Parallel Lines‘ by BLONDIE

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‘This Year’s Model’ by ELVIS COSTELLO

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YESTERDAY’S CRACKERS – This Week: 25 Killer Tracks And 3 Top LP’s From 1976 …

The best of the past

Every week Turn Up The Volume jumps into the past! Relive 25 Crackers and
3 Top Albums per year/per week. Here’s the first year punk showed up: 1976.

Here’s the 25 KILLER TRACKS selection…


Here are 3 TOP ALBUMS

– Self-titled RAMONES debut LP –

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– Self-titled BLONDIE debut LP –

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‘Stupidity‘ – Live LP by DR. FEELGOOD

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