Classic Clips – Video For ‘WAKING UP’ By Stranglers Fans ELASTICA (1995)

28 August 2023

London‘s cool post-punk indie band ELASTICA ( (1991-2001), fronted by Justine Frischmann, who played for a couple of weeks with her then-lover’s (Brett Anderson)
band Suede got a lot of attention when they the scene with a series of rad singles and
their 1995 Self-titled debut LP.

One of those singles was WAKING UP (#3 in the UK) of which the intro was exactly sounding like the riff from The Stranglers‘ 1977 hit No More Heroes. The bastards
filed a lawsuit that was in the end settled out of court.

Here we go.



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ELASTICA Released Their Self-Titled Standout Debut Album 25 Years Ago Today…

13 March 2020

Today 25 years ago today, 13 March 1995, awesomely cool Britpop band ELASTICA,
led by the charismatic frontwoman Justine Frischmann – co-founder of glam rockers
Suede and ex-lover of its frontman Brett Anderson and Blur’s Damon Albarn – released
their, self-titled standout debut LP filled with highly punky earworms. Here and there
the Wire and The Stranglers echoes were pretty obvious. But hey, who cares these girls rocked irresistibly. The album topped the UK charts. It was the fastest-selling debut
album since Oasis ‘Definitely Maybe‘ the previous year. Hallelujah!

Pitchfork wrote: “With its pithy, searing songs about sex, groupies, and ennui, the self-titled 1995 debut from Elastica captured the whirlwind of the early-’90s Britpop explosion… Elastica’s first album packed 15 loud and fast tracks into 40 minutes. They had no interest in mimicking Blur’s droll eclecticism or Suede’s orchestral glam… They blended the jagged guitars of Wire, Buzzcocks, and other English punks with the pop hooks of American new wave acts like
Blondie and Talking Heads.”
Full review here. Score: 8.5/10.

All singles/clips…






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ELASTICA Released Their Hit Single ‘WAKING UP’ 25 Years Ago Today…

2 February 2020

Band: Elastica (London / 1991-2001)
Single: Waking Up
B-sides: Gloria, Car Wash, and Brighton Rock
Released: 2 February 1995 – 25 years ago today
Album: Elastica – the band’s debut LP
Score: The single reached #3 in the UK
Note: The Stranglers sued Elastica claiming that ‘Waking Up’ used the
riff of their song ‘No More Heroes. The case was settled out of court.

Here’s the original clip…

And here The Stranglers with ‘No More Heroes‘…

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ELASTICA Released Catching ‘CONNECTION’ Single 25 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

8 October 2019

Band: Elastica
Who: London Britpop band led by Justine Frischmann (ex of Suede‘s
frontman Brett Anderson and Blur‘s mastermind Damon Albarn)
Song: ‘Connection / B-side: ‘See That Animal’
Released: 10 October 1994 – 25 years ago
Album: Featured on their self-titled debut LP released a year later
Note 1: The intro synthesizer part (later repeated as a guitar figure)
was lifted from the guitar riff in British post punk band Wire‘s track
Three Girl Rhumba‘. A judgment resulted in an out-of-court settlement
Note 2: The single peaked at number 17 on the UK Singles Chart and
was pretty successful overseas where it reached #53 on the US Billboard
Hot 100, #2 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, and #9 in Canada

Here’s the original recording…

And here their performance on American TV on the ‘David Letterman Show‘ (1995)

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ELASTICA Released Their Edgy And Catchy ‘LINE-UP’ Single 25 Years Ago Today…


31 January 2019

Back in 1992 singer/guitarist Justine Frischmann (one-time member of her boyfriend
Brett Anderson‘s group Suede and also ex-partner of Blur‘s Damon Albarn) and drummer Justin Welch formed ELASTICA. When bassist Annie Holland and guitarist Donna Matthews joined, the quartet was complete to hit the London scene. Influenced by the early work
of 70s British punk bands Wire and The Stranglers they released a string of highly catchy crackers. One of them LINE-UP, a song slagging off groupies, was their second single and very characteristic for Elastica‘s sonic identity. Infectious, punky, spiky & sexy. Here we go…

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LINE-UP was on their self-titled debut LP – one of the fastest selling albums in the UK ever!