ELASTICA Released Their Edgy And Catchy ‘LINE-UP’ Single 25 Years Ago Today…


31 January 2019

Back in 1992 singer/guitarist Justine Frischmann (one-time member of her boyfriend
Brett Anderson‘s group Suede and also ex-partner of Blur‘s Damon Albarn) and drummer Justin Welch formed ELASTICA. When bassist Annie Holland and guitarist Donna Matthews joined, the quartet was complete to hit the London scene. Influenced by the early work
of 70s British punk bands Wire and The Stranglers they released a string of highly catchy crackers. One of them LINE-UP, a song slagging off groupies, was their second single and very characteristic for Elastica‘s sonic identity. Infectious, punky, spiky & sexy. Here we go…

ELASTICA: Facebook

LINE-UP was on their self-titled debut LP – one of the fastest selling albums in the UK ever!

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