Dream Sequences About Yourself – Here’s New Single ‘SHADOW IN MY MIND’ By PAULINE MURRAY

New sonic impulses…

25 August 2020

PAULINE MURRAY was the sensuous frontgirl and co-songwriter of 70s British Don’t Dictate punks Penetration and scored afterward a memorable longplayer with her Invisible Girls (with that stellar single Dream Sequence).

Murray kept on making music from there on and next month she’ll share her third solo album, called ELEMENTAL, with our greedy ears. After the synth colored lead-single Secrets last June, another taster comes our way.

SHADOW IN MY MIND is “about the dialogue we constantly have with ourselves both positive and negative and how we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy,” says Murray.

It’s an instant pop earworm activating your aural antenna on the spot. Elevating, flourishing, and pithy with glorious 60s organ sparks and Murray‘s voice as vitalizing
as ever.

For the video clip Pauline filmed in Polestar Studios, the recording and rehearsal space she set up in 1990 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and still runs to this day. “I am rocking my new suit, which was bought just before lockdown, for the first time.”

Listen/watch here…

In case you missed it here’s lead-single Secrets


New album ELEMENTAL out 25th September. You can pre-order right here.