No ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ Anymore For Canadian Psych Rockers ELEPHANT STONE

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2 May 2020

Canadian psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE just released a brand new special single. AMERICAN DREAM sounds like a sweet poppy lullaby but is an nightmarish vision
on today’s rotten state of the land of opportunities and freedom.

No more American Dream for many Canadians who chased a bright future in the U.S.
Since that narcissist Donald Trump took over the White House the United States are totally and severely divided. While people die every single day, due to that horrific virus, Trump tweets about his ratings, tries to shut up the media that doesn’t swallow his nonsense, and claims total authority like fascist leaders do. He preaches hate every single day. He leads his country to the abyss. He’s indeed an American Idiot!

Elephant Stone’s leader Rishi Dhir explained the sentiments behind the new song: “Growing up in Canada, it was hard to not feel like an ‘also-ran’ when you’re constantly sold the glitz and glamour of America. Over the years, many of my Canadian friends have moved south of the border in search of the American dream, only to find that it really was just a dream. And now, with the dangerous path America is on, I wonder if my same friends are questioning their move and longing for home.”

All proceeds of this sorrowful meditation will be donated to the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, which directly supports touring crews and others in the live music industry who have lost work or have gotten sick during the COVID-19 crisis, and those whose physical health, mental health, safety, and wellbeing are most at risk.

American Dream
They say that we got it real bad
Thousands dead in the streets but not enough body bags
I don’t want no more of this American dream

Yankee kids spend their break on the beach
Fascists carry their torches; the president gives a speech
I don’t want no more of this American dream

Gee, Ma, I want to go back to Ontario
Gee, Ma, I want to go home

Here’s the broken American Dream


Psych Rockers ELEPHANT STONE Launched Video Clip For ‘FOX ON THE RUN’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

21 April 2020

Last February, on Valentine’s Day, Canadian psych-pop rockers ELEPHANT STONE, formed in 2008, led by renowned sitarist and singer/songwriter Rishi Dhir released their sixth LP, entitled HOLLOW. An intriguing and fascinating concept record with a mesmerizing and spiritual resonance despite the gloomy context of the record.

The band just shared a pretty cool clip for FOX ON THE RUN (no, not that The Sweet song) one of the highlights of the album. Rishi Dhir told what inspired this track: “During the writing of this track, I was listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo, specifically ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out’, I loved the hypnotic element to their tunes. At the same time I kept hearing reports about ICE agents taking people away in the middle of the night—people who have been in America for years and worked hard…only to be now targeted by Trump and his cronies. The song was written from the perspective of someone who just wants to be somewhere safe and with their family.”

Watch/listen and get impressed…

Here’s HOLLOW in full…

ELEPHANT STONE: FacebookTrack by Track Breakdown of ‘HOLLOW’

Psych-Pop Act ELEPHANT STONE Released A New Gloomy Concept Album – Discover ‘HOLLOW’ Here Track By Track…

17 February 2020

Last Friday, on Valentine’s Day, Canadian psych-pop outfit ELEPHANT STONE – formed in 2008 – launched their sixth album, titled HOLLOW. An intriguing and fascinating concept lonplayer with an overall spellbinding and spiritual resonance despite the gloomy context of the LP, making me think of George Orwell‘s brilliant dystopian novel 1984 but npw with the social media as Big Brother. Mastermind, singer/songwriter, and renowned sitarist Rishi Dhir, worked, in between creating his own work, with legend Beck and cult bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and he started recently new projects the Acid House Ragas and the wonderful MIEN, with members of The Horrors and The Black Angels.

About the new Elephant Stone record Dhir said: “I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment. If social media has taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of unhappy people out there who are trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in. We all want the same thing but are trying to achieve it in different ways. With this in mind, we wrote and recorded this new album. I set forth writing a song-suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost connection with each other.” He also revealed that he was inspired by The Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’, Pretty Things’ fourth album ‘S.F. Sorrow’ and the second side of The Beatles’ classic ‘Abbey Road’ LP.

As a devoted Elephant Stone myself, having seen the band playing live several times,
it’s a great pleasure to have Rishi Dhir guiding us through Hollow track by track…

The songs

Here’s Rishi‘s track by track breakdown

1. Hollow World
“This was the trickiest song for the album as I knew it was to be the opener and I wanted to make sure it pulled the listener in. And it’s the beginning of the whole Hollow concept. I rewrote the track a few times before arriving on this version. I think having my 9-year old daughter sing on this really helped elevate the song.”

2. Darker Time, Darker Space
“I had a Pete Townshend-ish guitar riff lying around and messed around with some
weird vocals sounds with a Neu!-ish back beat. This is where things really start
going bad on earth…”

3. The Court and Jury
“This began with a sitar riff and was initially just an intro for Land of Dead. I decided to make it it’s own thing telling of the court system who decides who will leave for New Earth.”

4. Land of Dead
“Building on the same musical scale used in Court and Jury (bhairavi scale in G) I wrote
this riff on sitar as well. I injected with some Pretty Things/Sabbath stoner rock:) New earth is also dead.”

5. Keep the Light Alive

“The last of humanity arrives on new earth to find it devoid of life. The children ask the parents for guidance and support. I brought in my daughter and a couple of her friends
to sing. I love this song!”

6. We Cry for Harmonia
“The adults begin worshipping Harmonia (spaceship) as their god and saviour. They
lack skills for living in such a harsh climate. Musically, this song was an extension of
the choruses of Keep the Light Alive… I like the folky/Dylan-esque verses which then
go into an Everly Brothers-ish part and then into outer space.”

7. Harmonia
“This is the comedown/epilogue of side A. The last of humanity turn against their new god
Musically, amazing tabla performance by long time collaborator Shawn Mativetsky and my lovely wife Kirsty on backing vocals. I really like the middle 8 on these tunes.”

(Photo by Turn Up the Volume! Ghent, Belgium, 2018)

8. I See You
“This is one of the older songs writing for the album. Very proud of the middle 8 on
this one too… got this gothy vibe to it…”

9. The Clampdown

“Wrote this track on piano. Interesting fact: My piano was tune to 443hz rather than the standard 440hz. So, I had tuned all my other instruments to 443… was tedious but very rewarding in the end! Love Robbie’s guitar tones on this one.”

10. Fox on the Run
“Another older track from the album… the final version is built on a solo demo/jam I did
in my old studio in 2017. I couldn’t see how I’d be able to improve upon the demo, so just kept as is and layered tracks on top. A definite highlight of the album for me.”

11. House on Fire
My family had a fire at our house in late 2017 and then I went on tour supporting
the Dream Syndicate two days later. It was really hard on my wife and kids… this song
is pretty much me saying I’m sorry and that should’ve stayed home to help them.

12. A Way Home
An extension of the last song…. me returning home after leaving my family to fend for themselves… also ties in well with the album concept.

Thank you, Rishi for guiding us trough ‘HOLLOW’.
May the road rise with Elephant Stone!

Listen and/or buy HOLLOW right here.

ELEPHANT STONE: Facebook – Instagram

ELEPHANT STONE Shares New Cut/Clip From Their Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘THE COURT AND THE JURY’…

New sonic impulses

After sharing three tracks so far, stomper ‘Land Of Dead’, the harmonious Hollow World and darksome ditty Darker Time, Darker Space’, from their upcoming, sixth, album called Hollow, Canadian psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE dropped another new one.

THE COURT AND THE JURY‘ is a brief, sitar driven meditation that sounds both menacing and hypnotic, while distorted vocals reinforce the gloomy resonance of this weird track.

Here’s the accompanying animated video clip
telling the story of an intergalactic judgment…


6th album ‘HOLLOW‘ out on Valentine’s Day 2020. More info here

ELEPHANT STONE Reveals Another Cut From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘DARKER TIME, DARKER SPACE’…

New sonic impulses

16 November 2019

After sharing so far two tracks, stomper Land Of Dead and the harmonious Hollow World, from their forthcoming new, sixth, album called Hollow Canadian psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE now revealed another new cut.

‘DARKER TIME, DARKER SPACE’ is a short, reflective and darksome ditty accompanied by this message: “We can’t believe what is happening. We don’t know what to do. Scientists reveal they have built a spaceship that can take the top candidates for continuing humanity to New Earth. We’ve never been there, but we have heard transmissions that suggest life exists like
ours. Who are the lucky ones that get to board starship Harmonia for planet B?”

Catch the feel here…


New album ‘HOLLOW‘ out on Valentine’s Day 2020. More info here here

ELEPHANT STONE Shares New Wistful Track From Their Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘HOLLOW WORLD’…

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4 November 2019

A couple of weeks ago Canadian psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE released
stomping lead-single ‘LAND OF DEAD‘ from their forthcoming new album.
And here’s another fresh cut called ‘HOLLOW WORLD‘.

The band’s main man Rishi Dhir shines a light on the song’s sentiments: ‘If social media has taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of unhappy people out there who are trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in… I
set forth writing a song-suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost connection
with each other. The storyline touches upon the plundering/poisoning of their home, the elite, demagogues, false idols, the truth as seen by children, and, ultimately, the fight for the survival of their species. ‘Hollow World’ is where it all begins.”

Despite the pessimistic tone of the song it resonates, melodiously, like a multi-colored sonic rainbow with a harmonious and melancholic Beatles-esque feel. ‘Hollow World‘ is
not a great place to be in but in the end the indispensable strength of hope will survive.
So hopefully, new generations will learn today enough in order to move forward in the right direction in the future.

Listen/watch here…


6th album ‘HOLLOW‘ out on Valentine’s Day 2020. More info here here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For SEPTEMBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout September Team

1. ‘Land Of Dead’ by ELEPHANT STONE (Montreal, Canada)
A stomping rocker pushed by a steamy sitar riff. Wham bloody bam!

2. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (North Of England, UK)
Flaming fuel for all you out there who needs to ventilate their fury once in a while. Yeah!

3. ‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up by NO SWOON
Savage guitars, ablaze percussion & urgent vocals! Bang-up buster! Jaw-dropping debut!

4. ‘Getting Older’ by RETAIL SPACE (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Dazzling guitar pop catchiness that will make your head swirl 360°. Irresistible zinger!

5. ‘Pushing Back’ by THE NEW POLLUTION (New York, US)
An ongoing repetitive hypnotic guitar riff spiced with airy dancey vibes. Bingo!

6. ‘We’re Not Detective’ by FEVA (Newcastle, UK)
Boiling hot smasher! Uproarious hubbub that will blow up your speakers! Kaboom!…

7. ‘Ego‘ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Blistering blessing for those who want to swing themselves into a coma. Tanze jetzt!

8. ‘Mexico’ by HUSBANDS
The 21st Century Beach Boys. Non-stop fun, daily sun and sonic bubblegum. Surf’s up!

9. ‘Second Hand Emotion’ by SAYTR PLAY (Manchester, UK)
Put on some mascara, your sexiest boots, your coolest shirt and let your adrenalin flow.

10. ’75 Trips’ by REFLEKTER (Nottingham, UK)
Hungry guitars, jumpy electro beat injections, cocky vocals and a knockout chorus. Top!

11. ‘Love Is Around‘ by GREAT HARE (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A sticky amplified guitar pop tune, jingle jangle chants and a nostalgic Dinosaur JR feel…

All together on Spotify…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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Montreal’s Pysch Rockers ELEPHANT STONE Return With Stomping Single ‘LAND OF DEAD’…

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21 September 2019

Montreal based psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE, led by key member and famous
sitarist Rishi Dhir shared brand new track ‘LAND OF DEAD‘. The lead-single from their new, upcoming LP.

In a press statement Dhir told how the song came together: “‘Land Of Dead’ began with a stoner-rock riff on the sitar, it was pretty quick to write. Lyrically, I knew it would be the dark centerpiece of a song suite. Working with my friend, and MIEN bandmate, John Mark Lapham, we came up with the lyrics telling of a world devoid of empathy and burning skies. It’s tragic how life imitates art.”

Here’s the lyric video for the stomping rocker pushed by a steamy sitar riff…

ELEPHANT STONE: New Tour Dates – Facebook