No ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ Anymore For Canadian Psych Rockers ELEPHANT STONE

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

2 May 2020

Canadian psych-rockers ELEPHANT STONE just released a brand new special single. AMERICAN DREAM sounds like a sweet poppy lullaby but is an nightmarish vision
on today’s rotten state of the land of opportunities and freedom.

No more American Dream for many Canadians who chased a bright future in the U.S.
Since that narcissist Donald Trump took over the White House the United States are totally and severely divided. While people die every single day, due to that horrific virus, Trump tweets about his ratings, tries to shut up the media that doesn’t swallow his nonsense, and claims total authority like fascist leaders do. He preaches hate every single day. He leads his country to the abyss. He’s indeed an American Idiot!

Elephant Stone’s leader Rishi Dhir explained the sentiments behind the new song: “Growing up in Canada, it was hard to not feel like an ‘also-ran’ when you’re constantly sold the glitz and glamour of America. Over the years, many of my Canadian friends have moved south of the border in search of the American dream, only to find that it really was just a dream. And now, with the dangerous path America is on, I wonder if my same friends are questioning their move and longing for home.”

All proceeds of this sorrowful meditation will be donated to the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, which directly supports touring crews and others in the live music industry who have lost work or have gotten sick during the COVID-19 crisis, and those whose physical health, mental health, safety, and wellbeing are most at risk.

American Dream
They say that we got it real bad
Thousands dead in the streets but not enough body bags
I don’t want no more of this American dream

Yankee kids spend their break on the beach
Fascists carry their torches; the president gives a speech
I don’t want no more of this American dream

Gee, Ma, I want to go back to Ontario
Gee, Ma, I want to go home

Here’s the broken American Dream


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