20 Years Ago The Late Great ELLIOTT SMITH Released His Final Album ‘FIGURE 8’

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18 April 2020

20 years ago today, on 18 April 2000, the late great ELLIOTT SMITH released his fifth
and final album FIGURE 8. A gripping melancholic alt pop record by a sensitive singer-songwriter touching the confused hearts and vulnerable souls of thousands of devoted fans. Here and there you hear Beatlesque echoes and orchestrations. Smith loved The Beatles and was heavily influenced by the fab four. Overall ‘Figure 8‘ is the poignant work of a troubled mind who found an inspiring home in his own musical universe, although it couldn’t save him from his struggle for life. He died almost 17 years ago, 21 October 2003. Imposing artist, sad loss.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Smith stays alone in a musical niche where he’s unwilling to budge –
His music reaches out with contours and cadences that promise the sociability of a singalong. But his voice is wary and quietly seething, and his words find their only safety in renunciation – He finds no peace in his solitude, but he’s convinced that anything else might be worse.”

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