Post-Roe V. Wade Blast For Benefit Purposes – Here The New Poignant VIAL Single ‘EMPBRYO’ Here

New triking strokes

3 August 2022

Band: VIAL
Who: All female power-pop-punk Riot Grrls from Minneapolis
Works (so far): Grow Up (2019) and Loudmouth.

New single: EMBRYO

All proceeds of this new piece go to Gender Justice and Women’s Rights / Oxfam
and National Network Of Abortion Funds.

(Press photo via FB – Vial)

If Trump and his ass-licking apostles showed us one thing, it’s the widespread far-right viruses and the massive ultra-conservative presence in America. He gave them a voice
and a forum and they responded en masse by coming out of their caves and storming
the Capitol in the end. Trump made racism, sexism, and autocratic populism look acceptable for his true-blue red fans.

He also has his illegal hands (and judges) in the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn
Roe v. Wade
and turn the clock 50 years back for women in the land of the free and
the home of the brave
. And that’s what this new razor-sharp-cutting ripper is about.
Hands off a fundamental, human woman’s right. Very loud and very clear.

“Slide the rug out from under me
And take away my reproductive rights
I’m just an incubator
Yeah, a vessel to create unwanted human life
Yeah take back laws, why don’t you?
I’m sure you didn’t have to try
Doesn’t matter if you did, anyway
‘Cause living here still makes me wanna fucking die”

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