PORLOLO’s Frontwoman ERIN ROBERTS Shares Her Decisive ‘I QUIT’ Mantra…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 March 2019

Denver’s singer/songwriter ERIN ROBERTS and her artistic vehicle PORTOLO just
dropped new track ‘I QUIT‘. Unhappy with her full-time career, Roberts quit her job in January and headed into the studio to record the song with her musical collaborators

“Singing this song puts power back in my hands when the going gets rough. I’ve used it as a mantra to sing repeatedly to myself when faced with tough situations. Dehumanizing bosses, turgid gatekeepers, class ceilings, blind eyes. Sometimes when there’s nothing nice left to say, you can just say ‘I QUIT’…” says Roberts.

I Quit‘ is a sparkling, retro guitar led earworm that sticks instantly. Whether you sing
along, hum along or whistle along to Robert‘s mantra-like confession it will give you that mind-confident and soul-warming feeling of having changed the course of your life in the right direction. Still doubting? Catch the sonic inspiration right here…

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PORLOLO Will Touch Your Heart With Mesmerizing Reverie ‘AWARDS’…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

29 April 2018

PORLOLO was conceived “in Denver back in 2002 by the eccentric and prolific Erin Roberts.
A true labor of love, Porlolo has become a project of good friends finding peace and adventure through musical connection. Roberts–a self-defined sister, swimmer and stunt artist—is a powerful songwriting force, cranking out grungy, sometimes twangy, often pure pop hits. Over her last 15 years of deliberate wandering through Denver, Gunnison, Eugene, and most recently Fort Collins, Roberts draws inspiration from the dramatic landscapes and even more dramatic personalities she encounters.”

This colorful collective just released brand new 3-track EP AWARDS. It’s the title track that struck me instantly. A mesmerizing gem that will touch your heart. A twinkling musing for daydreamers. Roberts‘ delightful voice sparkles melancholically while poetic guitar lines give this melodious reverie a fairylike sentiment. Here’s the crystal beauty…

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Stream/purchase the sensitive ‘AWARDS’ EP right here