Brooklyn Engine UP FOR NOTHING Is Back And They Punkrock Their Asses Off

10 June 2022

Who: Loudmouths from Brooklyn, NY
returning from a six-year hiatus.

New album: ESCAPE ROUTE – more info here.

Info: “The Brooklyn-based Punk Rock band with their fast-paced melodic tunes is back! This record has every element of what they have become known for throughout their lifespan but also sounds exactly like what we would expect (and hope) their natural musical progression
to be.

Turn Up The Volume‘s verdict: Here’s a zig-zagging and punked-up collection of supersonic missiles. Escape Route is an overwhelming tsunami of blitzkrieg haymakers
to start and end all summer punk parties with. Half of the fiery firestarters are under
2 minutes. Get the sonic picture?

Yes, this is probably the way the Ramones would have rumbled if they had been
a metallic Blink-182 riff monster with a head-spinning speediness and screaming
out loud choruses. Gabba Gabba Hey!

This is all you need to accelerate your bloodstream and escape from the ruthless
reality route for a while. Also, a fitting soundtrack to blast out of your car’s stereo
when you dive into the night with friends on a drunk mission.

Brooklyn is up to a lot! Welcome back!

Stream/buy ‘Escape Route’ here…