Five Fervent Firecrackers – STAY ON TRACK IN THE WEEKEND…

7 August / 9 August 2020…

Five new firecrackers to fuel your weekend…

1. ‘You Say’ by Madame So (Paris-born, London-based)
A middle finger to all hostile killjoys out there. Kicking off with a powered guitar riff,
soon followed by Madame So‘s vox hitting the roof with the titanic You Say chorus.

2. ‘Violent Sun’ by EVERYTHING EVERYTHING (Manchester/London)
A terrifically swirling stomper with a last chance message, so don’t
hesitate to get up and dance like Doomsday is just around the corner.

3. ‘Spanish Bombs’ by HINDS (Madrid, Spain)
“As Spaniards, we don’t usually get shout-outs in songs, like New York or London,
so the Clash writing a song about our civil war made us feel honored.”

4. ‘Something More’ by ROISIN MURPHY (London, UK)
Sensual dance diva returns with “a swan-song to how we once lived. There’s plenty of
bravado in the lyrics and the character is a kind of antihero but the indefinable yearning
and the feeling of arriving at a point of emptiness is universal right now!”.

5. ‘Club Zero‘ by GO GO’S (Los Angeles)
Out of the blue, the legendary power-pop punkettes, led by Belinda Carlisle, formed in L.A. in 1978, surprise us with their first new song in nearly 20 years. The new cut’s copacetic catchiness and vitalizing joyfulness put a big smile on your face. Welcome back, ladies.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Your Last Four Minutes – EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Dropped Swirling Stomper ‘VIOLENT SUN’

New sonic impulses…

1 August 2020

Manchester’s art-rockers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING,
launch new, fifth album  RE-ANIMATOR on 20th August.

The band enlightened us with three pieces so far: ‘Arch Enemy’,
‘In Birdsong’ and ‘Planets’. Watch all videos below.

And here’s VIOLENT SUN, cut number four. Frontman Jonathan Higgs: “‘Violent Sun’
is about the feeling that something terrible is approaching fast, and you want to hold on
to this moment forever. It’s the last song of the night, and the last song of your life. You
only have these four minutes to make it happen, so make it happen!”

Violent Sun is a terrifically swirling stomper with a last chance message,
so don’t hesitate to get up and dance like Doomsday is just around the corner.

Go go go…

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Musical Monkey Business – EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Share Clip For New Track ‘PLANETS’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

18 June 2020

Manchester’s art-rockers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING, formed in 2007,
release their fifth longplayer RE-ANIMATOR on 20th August.

So far the band dropped two singles: ‘Arch Enemy’ and ‘In Birdsong’.

Cut number three calls PLANETS. An intriguing synth-pop piece, going forth and back.
The clip was fabricated during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown and, as stated in a press message it “focuses on a chimpanzee [puppet] lost within an existential dilemma: if
the universe is so unfathomably huge, how can one primate come to terms with his relative insignificance?

Watch here…

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Groovy And Trippy – EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Back With Brand New Single ‘ARCH ENEMY

New sonic impulses…

17 May 2020

Art rockers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING from Manchester, formed in 2007, plan to release their fifth longlayer RE-ANIMATOR on 20 August, produced by John Congleton.

They just dropped the lead-single ARCH ENEMY. A funky and trippy cut about “a modern-day protagonist searching for a meaningful God. Finding only a congregation of greed, toxicity and waste, in the form of a sentient fatberg in the sewer, he duly prays to it, willing it to purge the decadent world above that has created it. These growing grease mountains are a curious juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient, a brand new example of archaic squalor” says frontman Jonathan Higgs.

Tune in / audio clip…

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EVERYTHING EVERYTHING ! New Video & Track ‘Regret’…

Everything Everything have unveiled the video for their new, groovy & upbeat, track ‘Regret’, taken from their new, third album ‘Get To Heaven’, which will be released on June 15.

The video was directed by frontman Jonathan Higgs: “The video is a display of power; a charlatan and his followers descend into madness and chaos. I wanted to show people in the throes of ecstasy and pain, finding something strong in their faith, and becoming more and more extreme in their emotions and behaviour. It’s supposed to be a look into the minds of extremists and what it feels like to really believe something, regardless of how deep or dark it goes.”