Your Last Four Minutes – EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Dropped Swirling Stomper ‘VIOLENT SUN’

New sonic impulses…

1 August 2020

Manchester’s art-rockers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING,
launch new, fifth album  RE-ANIMATOR on 20th August.

The band enlightened us with three pieces so far: ‘Arch Enemy’,
‘In Birdsong’ and ‘Planets’. Watch all videos below.

And here’s VIOLENT SUN, cut number four. Frontman Jonathan Higgs: “‘Violent Sun’
is about the feeling that something terrible is approaching fast, and you want to hold on
to this moment forever. It’s the last song of the night, and the last song of your life. You
only have these four minutes to make it happen, so make it happen!”

Violent Sun is a terrifically swirling stomper with a last chance message,
so don’t hesitate to get up and dance like Doomsday is just around the corner.

Go go go…

Previous two singles…





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