Toronto’s Synth Pop Dream Duo FAVOURS Moves With New Single ‘CALL ME’

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11 September 2021

Who: Alex Zen and Jacq Andrade

New single: CALL ME
“About life cycles, relationship cycles and moving on. When
you close your eyes and imagine the best case scenario for
the future, we will transport you to a dream-like place.”

(Artwork by Maria Jesus Contreras)

Turn Up The Volume: This sweet little pop gem charms, enchants and affects by its instantly heart and soul romanticism. In the end John Lennon was/is always right, all you need is love. He and Yoko knew it, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood knew it, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes knew it, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg knew it, Alex Zen and Jacq Andrade know it, and you and I know it. Maybe we should follow Stevie Wonder‘s example more and call a lover/friend/family member just to say I Love You. Sounds sugary? So what, it’s still the best drug ever when you receive that simple three-word message.

Tune in and keep your phone close…

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Here Come Toronto’s FAVOURS With Technicolor Daydream ‘STOWAWAY’…

Sensitive moments for the laziest day of the week…

4 November 2018

From Toronto, Ontario here’s alluring pop outfit FAVOURS with new single ‘STOWAWAY‘.
A song about “the longing for something better during the ebb and flow of a relationship, the urge to escape and live only in the sunny moments.” It’s a sensitive, melodious rainbow with affectionate, harmonious male/female vocals, colorful electronics and twinkling guitars creating a sonic cocoon you want to hide in for a while in moments of mood swings. The accompanying clip, a technicolor beauty, was filmed during a rainy fall day across multiple locations in the suburbs of Toronto and fits the song’s romantic tone just perfectly. Enjoy here…

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Canadian 4-Piece FAVOURS Shines ‘IN THE NIGHT’…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

8 Juli 2018

Colorful 4-piece FAVOURS just released their splendid debut single IN THE NIGHT.
“A ballad for those stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of repetition. It’s about escaping from the banality of the day and longing for the dreams that seem just out of reach. Dreams of star-crossed lovers destined to meet in another world, or those who do meet and cannot be
together, tearing them apart at the seams…”
explains the band in a press statement.

‘In The Night’ is a gripping and graciously designed sonic reverie. A romantic and moony daydream colored with starry-eyed female/male duet vocals, affectionate electronics and
a majestic chorus. An overall victorious debut. Catch the melancholic mood right here…

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