Here Come Toronto’s FAVOURS With Technicolor Daydream ‘STOWAWAY’…

Sensitive moments for the laziest day of the week…

4 November 2018

From Toronto, Ontario here’s alluring pop outfit FAVOURS with new single ‘STOWAWAY‘.
A song about “the longing for something better during the ebb and flow of a relationship, the urge to escape and live only in the sunny moments.” It’s a sensitive, melodious rainbow with affectionate, harmonious male/female vocals, colorful electronics and twinkling guitars creating a sonic cocoon you want to hide in for a while in moments of mood swings. The accompanying clip, a technicolor beauty, was filmed during a rainy fall day across multiple locations in the suburbs of Toronto and fits the song’s romantic tone just perfectly. Enjoy here…

FAVOURS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

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