Green Blink Fury – FRND CRCL Riff-Roar On Their New Single ‘COMPLICATIONS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

6 July 2021

Band: FRND CRCL (pronounced “Friend Circle”)
Who: New Jersey rockers who put the pop in pop punk


“We wanted to leave behind the gray areas in our previous music and
just try to make something that would hit as soon as you hear it. Seeing
the revival of pop punk across the board during the height of the pandemic,
we wanted to make our own breakthrough into the modern pop-punk scene
and do it in our own way.”

Score: Complications is a riff-roaring blaster with hungry guitars all over
the place, rap-like rock chatter and a fist-pumping chorus. Imagine Green
and Blink-182 fooling around with the bravado of their early days.

Get up, stand up and bang your head on repeat.

Right here, right now…

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