Dark Synth Wave Artist SIRKUT SON Released Debut Single ‘FROM THE DEEP’…

20 April 2020


Who: Derry-born, Berlin-based John Rooney. A musician, illustrator
and previous purveyor of instrumental synth-music under the guise Haüer

Track: FROM THE DEEP – debut single

Score: Sirkut Son’s musical universe is set in the ’80s. The decade of post-punk,
New Romantics, industrial beats and dark & cold wave. He combines all these
shadowy and intense genres in an inventive and mystifying soundscape with
a vibrant sonority that made Depeche Mode a global sensation. His powerful
baritone voice fits the trippy tunefulness of ‘From The Deep’ perfectly well.
This is a gloomy disco stomper for bewitching hours, a dusky score for chill-
out twilight moments.

Tune in right here…

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