Outspoken And Strong-Willed And In Your Face – Discover VAGINAS, WHAT ELSE?…

Thrilled by up and coming misfits

16 August 2019

VAGINAS, What Else? is a Belgian feminist trio with a lot to say, to scream and to yell about. They have their own crystal clear view of making expressive songs about the birds and the bees. They write stripped-down punky funky build up/break down crackers about sex, strippers and lollies, and they sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E. A bit like those late 70s bands such as Leeds’ Delta 5, Birmingham’s Au Pairs and the wonderful London punkettes The Slits. All manic rhythms, wayward intensity, raucous euphony and glorious explicit lyrics. Hell yeah!

These barbed wired ladies are about to unleash their first full length on 20 September.
Ahead of it get at taste of these exciting sonic vaginas with this blazing trio of cutting knockouts…




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