Seattle’s Sound Explorers DARTO Will Hypnotize You With Spellbinding Single ‘BROTHERHOOD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 August 2018

(photo: Gordon De Los Santos)


Who: Venturesome, sound exploring quartet formed in 2010 in Seattle, Washington

Track: BROTHERHOOD – brand new single about “power and dominance. Men, in particular, seem to protect their power with violence without ever questioning the reasons why they feel
the need to protect power in the first place. The irony is that violent dominance is an ultimate display of weakness, and it’s a way to express insecurity while still maintaining power.”

Score: ‘Brotherhood‘s repetitive Krautrock patterns will have a hypnotic impact on your
ears and mind, instantly. Its non-stop motorik rhythm creates a trance-like experience
and transfers you to a hallucinatory level. Its puzzling, menacing and spellbinding tonality is irresistibly infectious while the mystifying, almost whispering vocals sound cautionary and the Bowiesque sax segments sound scary. You’ll have this sonic standout on repeat
as there’s so much to discover with every spin. Capture the transfixing performance right here…

DARTO: Website – Facebook – Instagram / Label: Aagoo

From their new FUNDAMENTAL SLIME 12″ – out September 14 – all info on Bandcamp