Liverpool Gang GEN AND THE DEGENERATES Is Here To Rock, To Roll And To Roar

30 April 2021


Who: A, rightly so, ambitious indie-rock gang from Liverpool.
They just signed with Marshall Records (the label arm of
the Marshall Amplification).

New singe: UNDERWEAR – their debut

About: “Our loud, proud statement of Intent. I wrote those lyrics for all those, like myself,
who are sick of letting others define their identity and their relationships. It’s a rallying cry to everyone who wants to be defined on their own terms. Our anthem for a generation of lovers, fighters and degenerates. I can’t wait to hear the words “I don’t care what’s in your underwear”
screamed back at me at shows, it’s going to be a liberating moment,” says vocalist Gen.

Score: No arty farty BS, no special fake effects, no compromises, no birds and the bees
for this up-and-coming Liverpool gang. Straight-up, flaming and riff-loaded sing-along rock and roll is their communication tool. Rad debut single Underwear is their way to say hello, loud and clear, to all music junks out there, desperate to be entertained with firework anthems they can relate to. Gen is their glam Ziggy vox in the middle (advice: don’t mess with her). Marshall Records is their new label. World domination is their goal (well, it should be). Anything you need for a wild party. Capice?

Press play and rock your ass off…

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