THE AFGHAN WHIGS Released Their Magnum Opus ‘GENTLEMEN’ 30 Years Ago Today

5 October 2023

Band: THE AFGHAN WHIGS (Cincinnati, Ohio, US)
Album: GENTLEMEN – 4th longplayer
Released: 5 October 1993 – 30 years ago today

Foreword by mastermind Greg Dulli

Pitchfork wrote: “Greg Dulli sings about some fucked-up shit on the Afghan Whigs’ fourth album and major-label debut, 1993’s Gentlemen, a harrowing song cycle chronicling the death throes of a relationship… This is an album that serves as an emotional exorcism, visceral and violent, played by a band not known for its squeamishness.” Full review here.

(Brussels 2015 -pic by TUTV)

TUTV: Pitch-black sentiments, bone-chilling tunes, spellbinding orchestrations.
As a fervid Whigs fan I can listen to Gentlemen every single day (already two times
today, and it’s only noon). It’s their magnum opus (note: Black Love, 65 and last year’s
How Do You Burn? are not far away).

This time the cliché ‘no fillers, all killers‘ is 150% accurate. Every song is humanly perfect.
I’m not a big fan of artists playing an album in full live, but Gentlemen is definitely a rare one I would travel a long way for to hear it for its 48 grand minutes. Having experienced their high-powered live exploits several times, I just know it would be an unforgettable blast/night. What do you think, Mister Dulli?

Track-by-track breakdown. Back in 2014 Greg Dulli
talked to Spin about every song. Read the feature here.

Singles/clips: Debonair / Gentlemen




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