To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are Ass-Kicking Garage Noiseniks CRACKUPS Getting The Vibes

29 June 2020

These Belgian garage rock motherrockers not only look scary but they also sound scary.
These are a bunch of deranged gunslingers you don’t want to meet in the dark and by the day it’s better to keep a large social distance from them.

The 4-headed bulldozer’s new ass-kicking jackhammer GETTING THE VIBES is a nasty piece of mental exorcism sounding like sonic sex. Oh yeah, this Molotov cocktail’s heated intensity and prurience appetite grows monstrously along its volcanic course until the orgiastic finale hits you in the balls. Get it? Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh! Run and hide before the vibe crushes you.

Go go gol…

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