Irish Noise Engine GIRL BAND Is Back With New Earsplitting Single… ‘SHOULDERBLADES’

Brand new sonic impulses

6 June 2019

After their terrifically blaring 2015 debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie followed by a series of impressive concerts this special, electric-powered Irish foursome GIRL BAND seemed to have vanished from planet Earth. But wait! Hurray! The band just announced
a new longplayer, titled ‘The Talkies‘ and out in September. Pre-order facilities here.

And they also, dropped the lead single, called ‘SHOULDERBLADES‘. After a 2-minute whipped up vocal focused intro all hell breaks loose. From there on you’ll get wrapped
in a crushing roller coaster with stop/start commotions fueled by chainsaw guitars, wailing exclamations and crushing percussion. You’ll feel totally shaken up in the end. Hell yeah!
I just love this exorcising pandemonium.

Don’t be afraid, press the button and start the eerie turmoil here…

GIRL BAND: Facebook

2015 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Inflammable Crackers…


21 Inflammable Tracks
On repeat in 2015
21 Number Ones …

1/ ‘Acetate’ by METZ
Noise kamikaze to blow all war-obsessed leaders off this planet – titanic psycho riffs!
Album: ‘II’ – iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Hungry Heart’ by YAK
A monstrous garage rock bolide to test your speakers – again and again and again.
EP: ‘No’ – on Jack White’s Third Man Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Pears For Lunch’ by GIRL BAND
Barbed wired post-punk havoc from girl band with 4 boys – sharp as a metallic knife.
Album: ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ – iTunes
Home: Dublin, Ireland
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘I Wanna Hit’ by TUBELIGHT
Nasty moving beast exploding into a hammering drum driven finale – mind-bending ride!
Album: ‘Heliosphere’ – on iTunes
Home: Diest, Belgium
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Pedestrian At Best’ by COURTNEY BARNETT
A rousing dead cool 18-karat killer track from an 18-karat killer album.
Album: ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ – on iTunes
Home: Sydney, Australia
Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Slow Down Low’ by MOON DUO
Heavy adrenalized, organ-driven psych roller – to start any December 31 party!
Album: ‘Shadow Of The Sun’ – on iTunes
Home: San Francisco, California
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore’ by LUCY DACUS
Dacus’ frustration turned into an ongoing thunderous ramble – utterly irresistible!
Album: ‘No Burden’ – out 26 February via EggHunt Records
Home: Richmond, Virginia
Facebook – Twitter

8/ ‘Bros’ by WOLF ALICE
Best pop song in ages from the hottest electric pop band of the year – fabulous triumph!
Album: ‘My Love Is Cool’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

9/ ‘Mama’s Gotta A Secret’ by THEM VIBES
Blues based rock & roll Americana with an irresistible flow & a towering chorus.
Album: Mini 5 track LP ‘TV’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Nashville, Tennessee
Website – Facebook – Twitter

10/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY
Psych synth-driven snake – catch these anarchistic dopeheads before they kill each other.
Album: ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ – out January 22 via Fat Possum Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

Music-alcoholic Anton Newcombe always delivers – contagious as first-class glue!
Mini-album: ‘Thingy Wingy’ – on iTunes
Base: Berlin, Germany
Website – Facebook – Twitter

12/ ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS
Most appealing & captivating quit/loud rock swagger of 2015 – superior performance.
Album: ‘A Flourish And A Spoil’ – on iTunes
Home: Lititz, Pennsylvania
Facebook – Twitter

13/ ‘Double Trouble’ by PUBLIC IMAGE LTD
The broken toilet lyrics are bollocks but the groove cuts like a Friday-the-13th-razorblade!
Album: ‘What The World Needs Now…’ – on iTunes
Home: Los Angeles (rich punk cunt!)
Website – Facebook – Twitter

14/ ‘Marks To Prove It’ by THE MACCABEES
A piercing, fully charged and tempo changing masterstroke – astonishing rollercoaster!
Album: ‘Marks To Prove It’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

15/ ‘Mad Truth’ by THE POP GROUP
The prostitutes are back with a bang and funky craziness to dance your socks off!
Album: Citizen Zombie – on iTunes
Home: Bristol, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

16/ ‘Bunker Buster’ by VIET CONG
Dark colored post-punk passion on the edge of a breakdown – highly fascinating!
Album: ‘Viet Cong’ – on iTunes
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

17/ ‘I Remember’ by EYEMOUTH
Slow burning creepy drone heading step by step to a colossal final – a sonic revelation!
EP: ‘Black and Blue Latitudes’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website – Facebook – Twitter

18/ ‘Dream On, Baby Blue’ by CHORUSGIRL
Glittering pop cut wrapped in an energizing melody & spiced w/ flamboyant harmonies.
Album: ‘Chorusgirl’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

19/ ‘I’m A Girl’ by PEACE
Power guitar pop ecstasy to scream along at the top of your lungs – pure rapture!
Album: Happy People’ – on iTunes
Home: Birmingham, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

20/ ‘Let Me In’ by V0iD
Euphoric rock anthem Foo Fighters never wrote – play this VERY LOUD & burst!
Album: ‘Keep Fighting’ – on iTunes
Home: Llanelli/Swansea, Wales
Facebook – Twitter

21/ ‘End Of Faith’ by THE AUTUMN STONES
Soulful sax melancholy – tempting roxy music with Johnny Marr on saxophone.
Album: Escapists – on iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

Have all a stunning 2016

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GIRL BAND ! Uproarious Excorcism in Brussels…


GIRL BAND – Botanique, Brussels – October 21, 2015

Coming on stage GIRL BAND looks like four shy bedroom musicians who were just thrown out of the house by their parents because of the tumultuous racket they produced all day and night. They look actually just the same as a year ago when they played my hometown Ghent as support act to those anarchists of Fat White Family. Except for possessed frontman Dara Kiely who threatens to collapse any minute there is no muscle or nerve that moves on the faces of drummer Adam Faulkner, guitarist Alan Duggan and bassist Daniel Fox. Not last year, not tonight.


Yet the music is nasty, discordant, viciously quiet/loud, brutal and at times scary. From the very first deranged chords on the exorcism ceremony begins. Metallic beats and Kiely‘s nervous howling enter your mind and soul looking for demons to destroy. They drag you mercilessly into their apocalyptic world. GIRL BAND do not care at all about the classic structure of a song as we know it. Choruses are not on their menu. They create hypnotic drones that electrify your defenseless body. They create hyperkinetic headbutts to sort of dance and jump to with the nearly seven minute long ‘Paul’ as the titanic centerpiece sledgehammer. Perfect !


And as you already guessed the looks on the Irish band’s faces, except for Kiely, are unvarying. Weird and charming at the same time. Their debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ burns in my head for some weeks now and will be high on my end-of-the-year-list. If that record would have been the soundtrack of that seventies classic horror movie
‘The Exorcist’ creepy lead star Linda Blair definitely had wet her pants. Capture the mental spirit here…


More gig photos – Website – Facebook — Twitter


GIRL BAND ! Crushing Irish Post Punk Rage…

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Who/home: brilliant ‘to the bone’ post-punk foursome from Dublin (Ireland) with fast rising fan base and admiring critics – Dara Kiely (singer), Adam Faulkner (drummer), Alan Duggan (guitarist) and Daniel Fox (bassist)…
Track: PAUL – dazzling killer track from upcoming debut album ‘Holding Hands with Jamie’
– out September 25.
Score: compelling post-punk monster growing slowly and hammering loudly to its grand dynamite finale – I saw the band for the first time last year in my hometown (Ghent, Belgium) supporting messy anarchy punks Fat White Family – the acquaintance was both confrontational and highly magnetic – their minimal punk patterns crushed my body & brain merciless – bewitching experience !

The video clip for ‘Paul’ shows a glimpse into the life of a man who wears a goofy pig suit on a children’s television show – let’s roll…

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GIRL BAND – In my hometown Ghent (Belgium) last year – magnetic power ! …
(my pic)