Irish Noise Engine GIRL BAND Is Back With New Earsplitting Single… ‘SHOULDERBLADES’

Brand new sonic impulses

6 June 2019

After their terrifically blaring 2015 debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie followed by a series of impressive concerts this special, electric-powered Irish foursome GIRL BAND seemed to have vanished from planet Earth. But wait! Hurray! The band just announced
a new longplayer, titled ‘The Talkies‘ and out in September. Pre-order facilities here.

And they also, dropped the lead single, called ‘SHOULDERBLADES‘. After a 2-minute whipped up vocal focused intro all hell breaks loose. From there on you’ll get wrapped
in a crushing roller coaster with stop/start commotions fueled by chainsaw guitars, wailing exclamations and crushing percussion. You’ll feel totally shaken up in the end. Hell yeah!
I just love this exorcising pandemonium.

Don’t be afraid, press the button and start the eerie turmoil here…

GIRL BAND: Facebook

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