One Life Track A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Irish Excorcism With GIRL BAND

GIRL BAND – Utrecht, The Netherlands – 2019

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Irish noise generator GIRL BAND is one of those bands you have no idea why they do not dominate our screwed-up world. Their exorcistic and eccentric havoc is just perfect to go totally bonkers to in these unearthly isolation times.

So far they released two flabbergasting longplayers, two freakish hellraisers, two chainsaw mindfuckers. Holding Hands With Jamie (2015) and The Talkies (2019). I’ll give you three, instead of the usual one, bone-chilling tracks performed live in the Netherlands last year. So much cheaper and effective than boring therapy. Here’s Shoulderblades, Going Norway and Paul.

Start play and freeze…

One of the best
LP’s of 2019

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Irish Exorcistic Noiseniks GIRL BAND Hit Brussels With Mind-Boggling Crusade…

GIRL BAND – Botanique, Brussels – 7 November 2019

Following the recent release of their second bone-crushing album, called THE TALKIES , Irish hair-raising noise 4-piece GIRL BAND are on the road to present you their collection of new soul-pulverizing eruptions mixed with some blasts from the past. Last Thursday they invaded Brussels.

It’s hard to put their chainsaw turbulence live on stage into words. You really need to
be there so your nerves can feel the horrific tension this near motionless quartet creates
on a podium. The bassist and guitarist follow a fuzzy, bloodcurdling path of their own, the drummer slashes fiercely while frontman Dara Kiely howls and screeches like someone who’s hooked on primal scream therapy. It’s remarkable that all the intimidating racket comes together as one coherent crusade going in the same tumultuous direction.

I witnessed that half of the sell-out crowd were fanatic fans and knew the songs by hard and that the other half, not entirely familiar with the band, wondered why this diabolic havoc was so overwhelming, so resistless and so soul-slicing. Yep, Girl Band is not your average noise rock band, they operate in a mind-boggling zone looking for disquietening ways to scare their worst demons, and they give you an opportunity to do the same from the very moment they unleash their nightmarish offensive. Thrashing performance!

Never heard of these lovely Irish guys? Here you go

Here’s their new petrifying album THE TALKIES in full…

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(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

OUT TODAY! New Bone-Crushing Chainsaw Album By GIRL BAND – Here’s ‘THE TALKIES’…

Brand new longplayers

27 September 2019

Band: Girl Band (Ireland)
Album: The Talkies
Sound: Diabolical, bone-cruhsing, exorcistic, hellish,
mental and mind-smashing. Two words: HELL YEAH!
Review NME: read their 4-star verdict here

Stream full album here…

Singles/clips –




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Contender for album of the year…

Irish Noiseniks GIRL BAND Share New Hellish Cut From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘GOING NORWAY’

Brand new sonic impulses

17 Augustus 2019

It’s been four years since diabolical Irish noiseniks GIRL BAND released their hair-rising debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie. But they’re back now! Early June they announced new longplayer, titled ‘THE TALKIES‘ and launched deafening lead-single Shoulderblades. And here’s another new cut. On ‘GOING NORWAY‘ the band does what they do best. Rattling and roaring like they’re being tortured. Feel the shocking disturbance here…

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Irish Noise Engine GIRL BAND Is Back With New Earsplitting Single… ‘SHOULDERBLADES’

Brand new sonic impulses

6 June 2019

After their terrifically blaring 2015 debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie followed by a series of impressive concerts this special, electric-powered Irish foursome GIRL BAND seemed to have vanished from planet Earth. But wait! Hurray! The band just announced
a new longplayer, titled ‘The Talkies‘ and out in September. Pre-order facilities here.

And they also, dropped the lead single, called ‘SHOULDERBLADES‘. After a 2-minute whipped up vocal focused intro all hell breaks loose. From there on you’ll get wrapped
in a crushing roller coaster with stop/start commotions fueled by chainsaw guitars, wailing exclamations and crushing percussion. You’ll feel totally shaken up in the end. Hell yeah!
I just love this exorcising pandemonium.

Don’t be afraid, press the button and start the eerie turmoil here…

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