Canadian Blues Gang GLACIAL ERRATIC Know It’s Only Rock ‘n LOL But They Like It

Standout longplayers

6 February 2023

Who: Canadian banjo-funk-rock jam band AND a comedy collective hailing from Georgian Bay. They deliver a party on-stage and have been described as ‘extremely entertaining, with tight, funky, intriguing melodies and laugh out loud lyrics.’ Fronted by a stand-up comedian and backed by a band of life-long jammers – Glacial Erratic gets people up and dancing quick and then hits them with clever, relatable, hilarious lyrics.

New album: Rock ‘n LOL

TUTV: ZZ TOP is still alive and kicking. They operate now under the name of
Glacial Erratic
and still play smoking blues. Loud and clear with rattling riffs,
hot-tempered hooks, and loaded licks. They write far-reaching stories about
the 7 days of the week, about French absurdité, #MeToo, about tall basketball
players, and other nonsensical observations.

If you’re tired of our messed-up reality – almost all of us, I guess – than these stand-up comedy rockers are the ideal companions to ignore all the BS for a booze-filled while.
They know it’s only Rock ‘n LOL, but they like it. So should you.

Right here.
Right now.