WARDROBE Drops Rocking Banger ‘GOLDILOCKS’

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1 April 2020

If you like colorful, catching pop tunes you should definitely check out the two excellent albums Belgian band WARDROBE released, led by singer/songwriter and arresting voice Johan Verckist, so far. Debut longplayer Crawling ¬†from 2018 and last year’s beauty Giving Up A Ghost. Records showing this group’s high quality songwriting.

And here’s new swinging single ‘GOLDILOCKS’. The title is “inspired by the so-called Goldilocks principle. This indicates that, after a certain time, structures will always
emerge in chaos and this is unexpectedly made even more topical by Corona.”

It’s a solid gold rocker that detonates from the get-go and never looks back. This
glowing powerstroke makes your feet tap and your head rotate and when the cracking guitar solo kicks in it’s time to jump around like a kangaroo. So stay home, stay safe and shake sideways.

Here’s the amazing, psychedelic clip…

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