File Under Intriguing Debut Albums – ‘GOOD FOOD FOR MEAN KIDS’ By MILK TV

16 December 2020

Who: A punk/pop/no-wave trio formed in Brussels at the end of 2017.
The power trio feeds off nostalgia for playgrounds, TV shows and a healthy
dose of post-Reagan cynicism to deliver unpredictable and quirky rock tracks.

Album: GOOD FOOD FOR KIDS – debut LP

Key references: Devo, Pavement, Mothers Of Invention, black midi, Can

Turn Up The Volume: Milk TV writes erratic guitar pop tunes. First, they build them
up, then they break them down, then they build them up again and give them a puzzling
twist. End result? A head-spinning mix of far-out drones, robotic rhythms, manic eruptions, wayward zigzags, mental grooves, and funky trips. Listen and discover an up-and-coming band with a varied alternative record collection and on an adventurous mission to feed us with mean kids stuff. File the record under ‘intriguing debut albums’.

your food here…

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Milking the donkey…

(photo via Exag Records)