Psychedelic Passion With THE LANCASTERS – Hear Their New Petrifying Love Song ‘GOODNIGHT’

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18 May 2021

Who: A band from Italy capable to come up with something of their own,
yet to follow the footsteps of influential acts such as The Rolling Stones,
Led Zeppelin, Pond, T Rex and Black Sabbath.

New single: GOODNIGHT
About: “This is a hymn about two souls far apart and the forces that keep them
together despite everything; their true desire and love create the strongest bond
that holds them together and in balance. It’s a melancholic message of hope: the
darker the night gets, the more the light will shine when we see the dawn rise.”

says the band.

Score: An ongoing chainsaw riff comes and goes like a scary ghost in your worst nightmare, pushing this pitch-black ripper slowly but surely towards a hair-raising
finale. This scorching psych jam moves and grooves like a vicious serpent on a
destructive mission. But don’t be afraid, you’re not alone wails the vocalist with
petrifying passion in the bone-chilling chorus. Soulmates never leave each other
alone. ‘Goodnight’ is the most demonic love song I heard in ages.

Enter the darkness…


London’s DRY CLEANING Drops Second Ace Single From Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘GOODNIGHT’…

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7 August 2019


Who: A fresh intriguing London based quartet ready to make their mark which was obviously clear when they dropped their debut single ‘Magic Of Meghan’ last month

Track: GOODNIGHT – the second single from their upcoming EP – “a song, partly about feeling fed up with YouTube ads suggesting that we ought to work harder, and that our relationships might fail and partly about feeling uplifted by openness on the internet.”

Score: What you get is a both nervously pushed and weirdly magnetizing stream of electricity driven by an intensive rhythm section developing a punchy pace, fueled with wayward guitars riffs and the pithy spoken word performance of singer Florence Shaw on top of it all. Pretty special sonority, pretty special band for the near future. Catch their drift right here…

DRY CLEANING: Facebook – All info on ‘Sweet Princess’ EP