Psychedelic Passion With THE LANCASTERS – Hear Their New Petrifying Love Song ‘GOODNIGHT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

18 May 2021

Who: A band from Italy capable to come up with something of their own,
yet to follow the footsteps of influential acts such as The Rolling Stones,
Led Zeppelin, Pond, T Rex and Black Sabbath.

New single: GOODNIGHT
About: “This is a hymn about two souls far apart and the forces that keep them
together despite everything; their true desire and love create the strongest bond
that holds them together and in balance. It’s a melancholic message of hope: the
darker the night gets, the more the light will shine when we see the dawn rise.”

says the band.

Score: An ongoing chainsaw riff comes and goes like a scary ghost in your worst nightmare, pushing this pitch-black ripper slowly but surely towards a hair-raising
finale. This scorching psych jam moves and grooves like a vicious serpent on a
destructive mission. But don’t be afraid, you’re not alone wails the vocalist with
petrifying passion in the bone-chilling chorus. Soulmates never leave each other
alone. ‘Goodnight’ is the most demonic love song I heard in ages.

Enter the darkness…


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