‘GRAND PRIX’ – Fifth LP By TEENAGE FANCLUB Released 25 Years Ago

29 May 2020


Artist: TEENAGE FANCLUB (Scotland)
Album: GRAND PRIX – their fifth LP
Date of release: 29 May 1995 – 25 years ago today
About the cover: The now-defunct ‘Formula One’ racing team
‘Simtek‘ provided the car that appears on the front cover!
‘The Independent’ wrote: “Breathtakingly superb album with finely
honed dynamics, nagging harmonies, and deceptively simple lyrics”

Highlights: Mellow Doubt / About You / Sparky’s Dream / Don’t Look Back /
Verisimilitude / Neil Jung / Say No / I’ll Make it Clear
Top single

The winner in full…

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Swirling Trio SWINE TAX Is In Pole Position – Here’s New Single ‘GRAND PRIX’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 August 2019

SWINE TAX, the British indie rockers from Newcastle upon Tyne are back and nail it firmly again with new hefty single ‘GRAND PRIX‘. A rollicking cracker that steams from the get-go, slows down just a little bit in the middle to give the band time to reflect harmoniously on their future’s strategy and reload their engine’s batteries, so they can conquer pole position and restart their swinging punch. Glorious stroke! Join the sonic rally right here…

SWINE TAX: Facebook