‘GRAND PRIX’ – Fifth LP By TEENAGE FANCLUB Released 25 Years Ago

29 May 2020


Artist: TEENAGE FANCLUB (Scotland)
Album: GRAND PRIX – their fifth LP
Date of release: 29 May 1995 – 25 years ago today
About the cover: The now-defunct ‘Formula One’ racing team
‘Simtek‘ provided the car that appears on the front cover!
‘The Independent’ wrote: “Breathtakingly superb album with finely
honed dynamics, nagging harmonies, and deceptively simple lyrics”

Highlights: Mellow Doubt / About You / Sparky’s Dream / Don’t Look Back /
Verisimilitude / Neil Jung / Say No / I’ll Make it Clear
Top single

The winner in full…

TEENAGE FANCLUB: Website – Facebook

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