Leeds Daydreamers GREEN GARDENS Stir With New Mournful Musing ‘THINGS I DIDN’T DO’

New striking strokes

27 April 2023

Who: Four friends from Leeds who strive to bring inaccessible feelings into a shared band setting. Drawing from the deep wells of art rock and guitar music before them, they owe everything to the earth and their surroundings. Their gentle, ponderous energy invites listeners right into the recording process with a wide-open roomy sound contrasted with thick, heavy emotion.

New single: THINGS I DON’T DO

It’s about “the feeling of guilt creeping in after experiencing the death of a loved one.
It’s a fable of blistering regret, complete desolation and the imminence of it being over
before you even had a chance to realise you were in it.”

TUTV: This mourning, mellow musing moves like a funeral procession with melancholia coloring it all sepia. For some reason the slacker timbre of Dinosour Jr, in slo-mo, came to mind.

Distorted guitars, weeping melodiousness, saddening and some sax sparks in the back. It’s not a happy song, well, life isn’t a happy thing every day either. Death is also part of it, for all of us, we all suffer now and then. Therefore many music fans will find solace here.


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