NICK CAVE’s Side Project GRINDERMAN Taking A Walk On The Wild Side 10 Years Ago With Second LP

14 September 2020

Who: Nick Cave taking a walk on the wild side with his side project
featuring Bad Seeds members Martyn Casey on bass, Warren Ellis
on violin and guitar, and Jim Sclavunos on drums and working up
songs as a group.

Their second LP, a third album in the making.
Released: 13 September 2010 – 10 years ago

Pitchfork wrote: “Nick Cave’s schizophrenic and sloppy mid-life crisis project,
Grinderman, returns with another album of feral urges and ferocious guitar work…
Well, it’s schizophrenic and sloppy. Those feral urges are still there; consider the album
cover’s lupine avatar. But Cave and the band– who typically improvise structure and lyrics,
have kept the themes consistent across nine songs. And they’re not terribly different from
what interests him on albums with the Bad Seeds: God, Death, and America are gospel.”

Full review here. Score: 8/10.

“The Bad Seeds were always quite protective and old school, but
Grinderman has opened us up to do anything and be shameless.
We’re not so precious about it.”
Nick Cave

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(Band photo: FB Grindermen)