A Job Well Done (Once Again) – Indie Rock Legends HALF JAPANESE Electrify With New Longplayer ‘CRAZY HEARTS’

11 December 2020

Band: HALF JAPANESE (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Who: Purveyors of noise and indie rock for
over four decades.

Album: CRAZY HEARTS – 19th LP

Info: A philosophical psych-tinged journey, these whip-smart observations
are uplifting with life-affirming sentiments (‘Wondrous Wonder’) that we are
familiar with. They meld melodic classic rock riffs with heavier bass lines and
darker, more twisted tones on ‘My Celebrity’ and ‘A Phantom Menace’.

Released: 4 December 2020


“Bittersweet pop songs are the order of the day, gently psychedelicised.” ★★★★ Uncut

“More slick balladry and effervescent power pop, shot through with the off kilter
enthusiasm and motivational pleasantries we so love from them
.” ★★★★½ Music OMH

“As vibrant and essential as ever” ★★★★½ Louder Than War

Turn Up The Volume: These highly influential cult rockers – hello? REM, Violent Femmes, Dukes of Stratosphear, They Might Be Giants – are a crazily creative band that never gets
old, never stops delivering compelling longplayers, never stops electrifying their fans.

This new one confirms, once again, their high-quality songwriting skills. From amplified guitar rippers to moody ballads. From jingle-jangle galvanism to reflective musings with
Jad Fair‘s magnetic voice all the way upfront. Top score!


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You also can listen via music video animations by Jad Fair and Claus Frøhlich

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(Band photo via label Fire Records)

Ageless Michigan Mavericks HALF JAPANESE Still Are ‘UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

13 November 2020

Purveyors of noise and indie rock for over four decades, HALF JAPANESE have inspired generations of fans from musicians and critics alike. Oh yeah, ever-challenging bands
like this one are rare, but last so much longer than mass-success-orientated others.

That’s what HALF JAPANESE still does, coming up with music that thrills and fulfills.
After, yes, 45 years the Michigan mavericks still sound incredibly fresh and ageless.

If you never ever heard of them and you listen to the new magnetic single UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS you’ll definitely get my drift. It’s a wobbling groover with a pulsating drum-bass beat, Suicide organs, cowbells and parlando Lou Reed-esque vocals all over it.
Buzzing score!

Here we go…

Undisputed Champions is the second single from the upcoming album Crazy Hearts, out on 4th December via Fire Records. The first shared track Wondrous Wonder is a solid gold winner too.