Experience The Doom And Gloom Vision Of Darkwave Artist LANA DEL RABIES On Her New Bone-Chilling Video

7 March 2023

Bette Davis’ eyes

Who: The dark electronic, genre-bridging solo project of Phoenix-based
musician, producer and multimedia artist Sam An. So far she released
3 albums with a fourth one coming up. Hallowed Is The Earth

From the upcoming new LP, baptized STREGA BEATA,
out on 17 March. More info here.

The impressive new album artwork

TUTV: Humankind is in big trouble as we know it. Nothing is learned from the past
(wars, intolerance, nature and environmental destruction, and so on), and it looks like
too many people won’t change their devastating behavior in the future.

Hallowed Is The Earth is a “sonic elegy lamenting the wounded world.”

A sort of electronic, mournful procession moving toward oblivion. A slo-mo synth-injected funeral march that wouldn’t be out of place on a Xiu Xiu album and also echoes the sound-exploring quest of trip-hop legend Tricky. I’m sure David Lynch would be a fan too. By the way, am I the only one who thinks that Del Rabies eyes have that femme fatale glance of Betty Davis? Fascinating!

Lana Del Rabies, artist Louise Saafi and cinematographer M. Dean Bridges created a video
of rapid-eye-movement visuals of nature, alternated with hallucinatory images of Rabies. Harrowing, bone-chilling, and threatening like a nasty nightmare.

Roll the tape.

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