BABYBIRD Shares Profound Track/Clip ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE ‘ From Upcoming Compilation Album…

Brand new sonic impulses

25 February 2019

Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD was so much more than his huge 1996 hit You’re So Gorgeous (of which most of the buyers hadn’t a clue what the song was really about) suggested. Becoming a pop star was not his prime artistic goal. He operated in a twilight world of his own behind closed doors, writing compelling, darksome and soul-stirring songs that weren’t, besides that one exception, conceived with massive commercial success in mind. Therefore Jones‘ music was too profound and emotionally too complex and too real. If you never heard of Babybird check this two emotive top albums and you’ll understand what I mean: Ugly Beautiful  (1996) and There’s Something Going On (1998).

Today BABYBIRD announced a new compilation titled HAPPY STUPID NOTHING,
out next Friday, 1st March, with a series of tracks from the period 2015-2018. Along
with this announcement he shared one of the album’s stirring musings. The 2017
ballad ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE‘ is a gripping goosebumps performance. Only vox and
piano. A spine-tingling achievement. Listen/watch here…

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