Canadian Act HARKNESS Says ‘CIAO TO THE BEAUTY’ With Glam And Glitter Tune

Daily electricity to load your batteries

19 June 2022

Who: The artistic vehicle for a flamboyant singer-songwriter from Toronto, CA.
He produces cascading vocal harmonies, electric guitars and a pallet of instruments
as diverse as tuba and drums to turn up the heat.


Harkness: “The song celebrates beauty and hints at the question ‘Why do we feel the need for an abundance of possessions and assets in order to find happiness.’? “It suggests that all we could ever want is ours if we just stop to embrace what is already right in front of us. ‘Ciao to the Beauty’ encourages the listener to recognize the destructive tendencies of a self-centered existence. The lyrics go as far as to say, ‘Look up at the sky, kiss yourself goodbye’ to encourage a whole new perspective to live by.”

Key words

Funky groove, poppy juice
Sickly sticking as first-class glue
Instant body activator
Glam and glitter tunefulness
Sunlit synths, fluo flow
Striking artwork and visuals
Cooler outfits than Devo

Key lines

Mm so drink, rest for the journey
Surprise there’s light in these eyes
So drink ciao to the beauty, surprise there’s light
Surprise there’s light, surprise there’s light in these eyes

Ci siamo…

You can buy the track here via Bandcamp

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