Toronto Songstress HARLEY OLIVIA Takes New Sky-High Flight With Bodacious Banger ‘HAUNTED’

New striking strokes

26 October 2023

Up and coming

New single: HAUNTED

Olivia: “This song is special to me because it is a reminder of why I clipped my wings.
I was terrified of change, but something amazing always lies on the other side of fear!
I KNOW I am meant to sing… after countless flights and countries visited, singing is still
the only thing that makes me feel like I can fly!”

TUTV: Haunted is a bold banger with Olivia‘s imposing voice as the heroine
in the middle. She has the gusto of young Madonna and the rock bravado,
Miley Cyrus
and the monumental vocality of Sharon den Adel, the majestic
frontwoman of Dutch symphonic metal pop act Within Tempation.

I know these are big names, but I always trust what my trained ears tell me.
Mind you, the bodacious bombast at play here will overwhelm you too.

Olivia sounds gorgeous, delivered a gorgeous tune, and looks gorgeous.

After giving up her flight attendant job she’s on a new sky-high
flight she loves with her heart and soul. Have a great journey.

Fasten your seatbelts.

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