Don’t Worry Be Happy – Hallucinate On The Debut Album ‘CULT CASUAL’ By Manchester Collective HEAVY SALAD

28 September 2020

Meaning: “When something is stressful or too demanding it is heavy salad.”
Who: A trio formed in 2018 in Manchester that works in the space between
perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Melt yourself! Bonding over a
joint interest in psychedelic horror films, they loved the idea of being in a band
like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules.

Released: 25 September 2020

Dipped Into Gold Recordings label: “A loose concept-album-of-all-sorts ‘Cult Casual’ explores the idea of finding your own reality in the modern world. The album takes you backwards through the very experiences of existence… Charged-up on a myriad of musical influences from surf-rock and free-jazz to over driven pop and experimental rock… Adding another dimension to its textured sound the trio are joined by live backing singers… Despite its kaleidoscopic and far-reaching sound palette, the band confirm that no distortion pedals were used in the making of ‘Cult Casual’.”

Lee Mann (frontman): “It’s an exploration of the experience of modern reality. It feels like the LP exists for this exact moment in time.”

John Lennon: “The basic thing nobody asks is why do people take drugs of any sort? Why do we have these accessories to normal living to live? I mean, is there something wrong with society that’s making us so pressurized, that we cannot live without guarding ourselves against it?”

Turn Up The Volume: “If you’re going to Manchester be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going to Manchester you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. All across the nation such a strange Heavy Salad vibration, people in motion. They are a whole generation with a new explanation.”

Keywords: Heavy Salad’s lonely hearts club band / Inner visions and gospel hymns / Grateful death / Black Sabbath / Doo-wop and Da-doo-ron harmonies / Space Odyssey

Singles/clips: It’s OK To Bleed /




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(photos: via FB -Heavy Salad)

Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS For AUGUST 2020…

This past month’s best…

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Fifteen Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervent fusion of robust rippers and striking strokes.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout August Team.

‘Vote That Fucker Out‘ by WRECKLESS ERIC and AMY RIGBY (UK/US)
An anger-fueled uppercut, the whole wide world should scream along. A firm middle-finger knockout. Let’s get together and shout at the top of our lungs until the elections
in November. Exit Trump is the world-saving goal, ladies and gents! Let’s act! Let’s sing…

‘A Hero’s Death’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland)
Rollicking title track from the Irish post-punk misfits’ second album.
An unquestionable contender for longplayer of this science-fiction-like 2020.

‘Hail Taxi’ by METZ (Canada)
These Canadians deafening noiseniks have slash and trash chromosomes in their DNA. Don’t even try to resist this wall-balls-breaker, just surrender. New LP Atlas Vending arrives 9th October.

‘Fixer Upper’ by YARD ACT (Leeds, UK)
A mind-twisting crackerjack that’ll do your head in the way you like it. This funky as bloody hell banger sounds as if Mike Skinner and Sleaford Mods joined forces to experiment with intoxicating guitar riffs and turn up the decibels on for once. Cuts like a Swiss knife…

‘Hold My Hand’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles)
Gloriously catchy, peppery and poppy with a cool vintage organ, shake and swing beats, 60s garage glow and Bonnie Bloomberg‘s peek-a-boo vocals. “Love is just like the ocean.

‘You Say’ by MADAME SO (Paris/London)
A spunky standout. A warning message for all hostile killjoys out there. Kicking off
with a powered guitar riff, soon followed by Madame So‘s vox hitting the roof with
the titanic You Say chorus. Smoking stuff, ladies and gents…

‘The Soul Singer’ by THE WATERBOYS (Scotland)
High-energy stroke! A horns fueled belter from amplified folk troubadour
Mike Scott and his band’s new – fourteenth – solid album Good Luck, Seeker.

‘Late At A Festival’ by BLUE STRAGGLERS (Sussex, UK)
Razorblade melodiousness drenched in a pool of kamikaze guitars, going forth and black like a roller coaster on the run. Blur‘s Britpop flair pumped up with tons of illegal decibels. Don’t come late at a festival with Blue Stragglers on the bill or they will find you and make you beg for mercy. You have been warned!…


‘Trump’s Still In Washington’
A razor-sharp rant about that 24/7 idiot in the White House. One-man-band
Justin Donnelly delivers the fitting belter to ventilate our own fury. Play it loud,
play it on repeat, play it until a new real POTUS arrives in Washington.

‘Everybody Will Be Forgotten’
by FAST FRIENDS (Bay Area/Boston/Denmark)
This paranoia punk punch sounds like Weezer on dope, like Green Day kicking that
American Idiot in the face, like the mental result of a lockdown psychosis, like if there
is no tomorrow. Jump and yell along before it’s too late. Right now, right here…

‘Forever’ by FOLK DEVILS (London)
Once a devoted indie rocker always a devoted indie rocker. Even are all these years you can hear and feel this band’s beating heart and feverish soul burning with strong-willed bravado and hungry desire. Dynamite sound, dynamite tune. Seems like Folk Devils are back forever despite the taste of life going wrong…

‘My Faith Is Larger’ by SAVING JACKIE (San Antonio, US)
A hot-tempered sucker-slam triggering every single nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. If you’re still mourning the loss of Rage Against The Machine, dry your eyes, rise from your bed, and go mental to Saving Jackie. Now!…

‘Burn’ by TEROUZ (Montreal)
This stunner wouldn’t be out if place on a Sisters Of Mercy album, while Terouz’s voice balances between Interpol‘s maestro Paul Banks and Editors‘ frontman Tom Smith.
Get up, stand up, and pirouette yourself dizzy…

‘Dirty Little Sinner’ by REGENT (Southampton)
This cracker blends Oasis‘ northern flair and Blur‘s power-pop catchiness. A steaming kinetic stomper to play to the max on your stereo so the neighbours can jump around
like doped monkeys too when the boiling chorus kicks in. Pump your fists in the air…

‘It’s OK To Bleed’ by HEAVY SALAD (Manchester, UK)
A trippy, mantra-like chant that will set your free. Light a joint, steal your grandparents’ hippie outfits and join Heavy Salad up there, eight miles high and dream of better times…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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Far-Out You’re Not Alone Trip – Hallucinate With HEAVY SALAD And Their Brand New Mantra ‘IT’S OK TO BLEED’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 August 2020

Band: HEAVY SALAD (Manchester, UK)

Who: Formed in 2018, bonding over a joint interest in psychedelic horror films,
with Panos Cosmatos’ cult classic ‘Mandy‘ being a particular favourite, Heavy Salad
loved the idea of being in a band like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules.

Pick: IT’S OK TO BLEED – new single from upcoming debut album ‘Cult Casual
out 25th September. The song is “about being at peace with yourself and accepting
that you can’t be strong all the time, it’s also about compassion for others and looking
out for those who need help. It’s about the little things you can do to make a difference
to someone’s life an recognizing that it’s ok to let it out sometimes.”

Score: If you have ties with Sheffield’s outlaws The Moonlandingz who have in turn
ties with Fat White Family, one of the best ‘fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ bands
the UK saw these past two decades there’s a big chance this colorful combo moves
in mysterious ways too. And they do.

Seemingly inspired by soul-gospel-anthem Lord Can You Hear Me by Jason Pierce’s symphonic psych orchestra Spiritualized they invite you for a trippy, mantra-like chant
that will set your free. Light a joint, steal your grandparents’ hippie outfits and join
Heavy Salad up there, eight miles high and dream of better times ahead…

Buy track here…


Debut album CULT CAUSAL out 25th September via Dipped In Gold Records