Far-Out You’re Not Alone Trip – Hallucinate With HEAVY SALAD And Their Brand New Mantra ‘IT’S OK TO BLEED’

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26 August 2020

Band: HEAVY SALAD (Manchester, UK)

Who: Formed in 2018, bonding over a joint interest in psychedelic horror films,
with Panos Cosmatos’ cult classic ‘Mandy‘ being a particular favourite, Heavy Salad
loved the idea of being in a band like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules.

Pick: IT’S OK TO BLEED – new single from upcoming debut album ‘Cult Casual
out 25th September. The song is “about being at peace with yourself and accepting
that you can’t be strong all the time, it’s also about compassion for others and looking
out for those who need help. It’s about the little things you can do to make a difference
to someone’s life an recognizing that it’s ok to let it out sometimes.”

Score: If you have ties with Sheffield’s outlaws The Moonlandingz who have in turn
ties with Fat White Family, one of the best ‘fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ bands
the UK saw these past two decades there’s a big chance this colorful combo moves
in mysterious ways too. And they do.

Seemingly inspired by soul-gospel-anthem Lord Can You Hear Me by Jason Pierce’s symphonic psych orchestra Spiritualized they invite you for a trippy, mantra-like chant
that will set your free. Light a joint, steal your grandparents’ hippie outfits and join
Heavy Salad up there, eight miles high and dream of better times ahead…

Buy track here…


Debut album CULT CAUSAL out 25th September via Dipped In Gold Records

(press promo photo on top via band)

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