TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘Burn Out Bright’ by DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY (Denmark)

Photo by Kristian Rosengaard

In two weeks – on 6 September – this Danish Herculean rock trio unleash
their debut LP ‘No Weather, No Cry, The Desert Don’t Lie’ with the world.

But first another piece off the LP.

Burn Out Bright is about “chasing your dreams is like standing on the edge of a cliff,
you got to be willing to jump, leaving everything behind. The sacrifices are part of the
game. But it’s worth it, because when you’re up there, living your dreams, nothing else

It’s a powerhouse of a belter.
Big emotions, big sound, big tune.



2. ‘Holiday’ by HELMET (NYC)

NYC’s eminent metallic noise heroes are producing
deafening stuff for over 3 decades now.

On 10 November commander in chief Page Hamilton
and his crew unleash their 7th LP baptized Left .

To start the countdown they dropped the lead single Holiday.
A rambunctious scream-along and head-bang along haymaker.


3. ‘Crawlers’ by FAMILY MAN

These punk-rooted misfits make noise since 2019. Following
their 2022 debut EP What’s New they just released their 3rd
single of 2023.

Crawlers explores the idea of a toxic relationship and the line between
symbiosis and parasitism. The earth-shattering conclusion that we are
also at fault can be just as devastating, as we see ourselves ‘becoming
a crawler too.'”

Expect a slow-boiling and haunting rap-like rant that
creeps and crawls slowly but surely under your skin.



4. ‘Radio Hell’ by MIPSO (North Carolina)

Photo credit: Sarah Wells

Americana folk-pop-rock quartet from North-Carolina just released
their 6th LP, named Book Of Fools. Stream the full beauty here.

One of the stellar singles is Radio Hell. Only 15 seconds in and the groovy vibe intro convinces your ears that this is a winner. Totally infectious, going forth and back, and activating your feet’s movements.

Check this splendid live version.


5. ‘Your Side Of Town’ by THE KILLERS (Los Angeles)

This is Los Angeles‘ pop celebrities’ brand new single.

“With much excitement we present to you Your Side of Town. It’s got the ghosts
of a lot of the synth music that inspired us over the years. And yet, somehow, feels
completely our own. Now it’s yours. Turn it up!”

And? A killer of a synth-pop earworm, of course.


6. ‘Skipping Like A Stone’ by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS feat. BECK (UK/US)

Manchester‘s longtime techno fanatics THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS launch
their new, 10th LP, FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL FEELING on September 8.

Ahead of it, they threw single #4 on the Internet.
It features musical centipede Beck, and it goes
like this…


7. ‘Done With It’ by BULLET BRAK feat. OT THE REAL (US)

Florida-based veteran rapper Bullet Brak has been turning heads for over
a decade with his dynamic delivery and witty wordplay. Last December he
released his debut LP, titled Brock Holliday. Stream it here.

For this new single he teamed up with Philly‘s top bar
spitter OT The Real. The result is a smoking flow of rants.

Check it out.


8. ‘Bunga’ by NEPTUNE’S CODE (Chicago)

Photo credit: Sam Monendo

Following their 2 albums, Can’t Have It All (2019) and Evolving (2021) these
4 impassioned Amazons have a brand new 6-track EP out, titled Called Upon .
Stream it here.

Bunga is a towering tour de force off the EP. A slow-burning torch
that grows in intensity and passion along its energetic path.

Somewhere between Alanis Morissette and PJ Harvey.

Wholehearted tension.


9. ‘As Above So Below’ by DAY CLINIC (Berlin)

This Berlin-based post-punk outfit released its remarkable
debut LP S/T out early this year. Read TUTV’s review here.

For standout track As Above So Below, a highly affecting
and stirring power ballad, they now shared a video.



10. ‘Blessed’ by EUGENE feat. MARISSA ECHINATO (Planet Earth)

Blessed is a heart-and-soul affecting love serenade.
A starry-eyed pop pearl with romantic angelic voices.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

Steam to Spotify and stream.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

HELMET – Metallic Noise Rockers Return With New LP In November And Hammering Single ‘HOLIDAY’ Now

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

24 August 2023

(Press photo)

NYC’s eminent metallic noise rockers HELMET have been around for more than
3 decades (1989–1998, 2004–present) and have no intention to pull out the plug

Next November the rambunctious fanatics, led by commander
in chief Page Hamilton bring us their 7th LP (their first in 7 years),
baptized LEFT .

To start the countdown here’s lead single HOLIDAY bulldozing its way
forward from the kick-off. It’s a hammering scream-along and head-bang
along haymaker.


HELMET: Instagram – Bio – Discography