Prog-Post-Punk-Rock With Intriguing Berlin Based Outfit DAY CLINIC On Their Debut Album ‘S/T’

Standout longplayers

2 February 2023


Who: The screeching and kicking child of four sound nomads who left
their homes in Israel, Spain, Germany and the UK and relocated to Berlin
in 2018. They produce a mixture of cold, 80´s inspired Post-Punk, Alt Rock
and Heavy-Psych as relentless and heterogenous as the city where it´s

Album: S/T

Info: “On the self-titled debut album Day Clinic venture into an experimental,
Progressive Rock-inspired territory incorporating more synthesized sounds as
well as a real saxophone, flute, and sitar alongside their signature sound based
on a fuzzed-out stonery bass, noisy guitar riffs, and melancholic yet angry voice.

In their songs Day Clinic explore the topics of social alienation brought about
by the advanced technology, the fragility of existence in a world consumed by
militaristic hatred, and the struggle to find mental stability.

TUTV: From the opener, the sinister and melancholic spoken word ‘A Place
For Everyone’
you enter the dazed and confused world of Day Clinic. They share
their worrying observations on this world and this life with prog-rock explosions
(Sisyphus / Memorial Day), with a metallic foot-stomper (Secrets), with dark-punk-wave disturbance (A Mirror), with an acoustic stairway-to-heaven acoustic instrumental.

And to end this intriguing debut two slow-moving nightmares cause
goosebumps (As Above So Below / the sitar-infused Ghosts). A couple
of listens and you’ll be dazed and confused yourself.

Buy/stream S/T here.

DAY CLINIC: Facebook – Linktree

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