Album Of July 2023 – Florida Misfits HOME IS WHERE With Emo-Crusher ‘THE WHALER’

2 Augustus 2023

Band: home is where
who: 4 unbridled indies
from Florida.

New album: THE WHALER
The follow-up to their sublime 2021
debut I became birds.

TUTV: These mavericks are special. This record is special. Sonically it’s a flabbergasting blend of all things clashing and trashing. You get pop and punk, country and hardcore, post-rock and barbed wire lullabies, loud and silent, left/right, and sometimes all of this
in just one song, well, sort of. I mean, there’s not one dull moment on the whaler.

It’s a non-stop restless outburst with exorcistic eruptions when vocalist Brandon MacDonald, like co-songwriter co-songwriter Tilley Komorny a trans woman, unleashes
her scary primal screams (I hope for her and her lungs that they needed only one vocal take of each song). What her pipes produce is almost unreal. I’m pretty sure you just pressed play to find out if I’m not about to overdose on caffeine. I’m not, they are.

The 10 tracks are a poetic tturmoil of mixed emo-tions. MacDonald and Komorny have
to deal with anti-transgender hate and living in Florida (or another Republican led state), run by anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, and lots of other anti-human rights, thug Ron DeSantis. And, by extension, life overall in the Divided States Of America must be a daily drag (well that’s how we, Europeans, experience America the past 6 years).

The land of the brave and the free? My ass. So it’s not surprising, there’s a lot of spitting and sneering triggered by anger, angst and severe doubts about the future. As I said a million times before, emotionally suffocating crises lead frequently to great music, great poems, great books, great paintings and any way of profound cathartic expression, countless troubled souls and confused hearts can relate with.

My advice to all alt-music-loving whalers among us, purchase
this amazing album. So much cheaper than a shrink or meds.

“i am the whaler,
i’ve outgrown these innards.
i am the whaler,
cleaning guts from gutters.
i am the whaler,
our vertebrae’s tethered.
i am the whaler,
look! here come the buzzards”




Punch-Powered-Punk-Passion – Play ‘i became birds’ by ‘Home Is Where’ Very Loud

9 March 2021

band: home is where
who: inspiring punks from florida, america producing a unique blend of whirlwind hardcore aggression and warm, open-hearted folksy melancholy. the bittersweet
folk melodies seep deeply into the band’s DNA, adding an element of accessibility
and immediate nostalgia to otherwise churning and angular song structures and
sonic assaults. vocals range from an intimate, gentle, and disarming croon to a full-
bodied expectoration of the soul. gothic post-punk and staccato-heeled screamo.

album: i became birds
released: 5 march 2021

score: i’m damn sure this incredible punch-powered-punk-passion turbo was here
before, about 40 years ago, inspiring bored kids like black flag , shellac, melvins, jello
, and other anarchist snotnoses, to leave home, steal guitars and drums in order
to have some wild fun while scaring bad people with their deafening racket that’ll teach those old-fashioned adults watching all day long.

so here they are back again, inspiring young social media junkies to steal guitars and drums instead of watching their phones all day long. home is where it all starts when you have no money to rent a smelly rehearsal room to rock your heads off. so you move into your own smelly basement and scream your poor lungs to pieces. listen up all you lost teenagers out there, play i became birds over and over again ’cause these hungry florida misfits can and will save your lives…

all music written by home is where / all lyrics written by brandon
produced, mixed, & mastered by matt goings at killian studios
released & distributed through knifepunch records

home is where: Twitter

josiah gardella – drums
trace george – guitar
brandon macdonald – tantrum, harmonica, singing saw
connor “fat slaps” o’brien – bass