Punk Rock Is Alive And Ticking – Go Nuts To New LP ‘EMULATOR’ By Thrashing Turbo HYPERSPACE

22 July 2020

Who: A “Geek Rock” band from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in September 2011. The band mixes punk, distorted guitars, and catchy songs to create their own brand of “Geek Rock”.
Released: 21 May 2020
Info: All songs written by Jason Kochis published by Chorus Verse Chorus Music (ASCAP) except “Baroness” by Corey Jones and “Do Or Do Not” by Kayvan Sarikhani (BMI) / Recorded by Sean McPherson at East Atlanta Recording in Atlanta, GA. / Mixed by SAW in Scotland, UK. / Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza at Howie Weinberg Mastering in Los Angeles, CA.

Key phrase: “When American idiot smokes a hash pipe and turns into a Blitzkrieg Bop punk.” 
Key references: Green Day, Ramones, Sum 41, Weezer,  Blink 182

Keywords: Riff extravaganza / electrical lobotomy / sweet little Ramona / sickly sticky tunes / high-voltage power pop / Gabba Gabba Hey / Alive and ticking / Princess Leia

Key tracks: Jackie / The Ghost Of Carrie Fisher / D & D / Baby Baby / Ramona

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OUT TODAY! 14th Album By Musical Octopus BECK – Here’s ‘HYPERSPACE’…

Just released

22 November 2019

Artist: Beck

Album: HYPERSPACE – his 14th LP

Note: About twenty (!) years ago Beck and Pharrell Williams met
and agreed to work together sometime. Well, it took 20 years, but
finally the duo teamed up with this new Beck LP as the result

Beck about Pharrell Williams: “I really tried to be less ambitious
on the production on these songs, like to let them be simple and let
them breathe. Pharrell is a master minimalist. On production I’m a bit
of a maximalist. I’ve really tried to reform myself to let it become more

Sound: Atmospheric musings, ambient dreams, and airy arrangements.
One of his moodiest works ever

NME verdict: 4/5 – review here

Stream album here…

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BECK Shares New Shadowy Cut From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘DARK PLACES’…

New sonic impulses

Musical octopus BECK announced his new LP, called HYPERSPACE a few weeks ago. An album containing several songs written by himself and Pharrell Williams. So far we heard dance cracker Saw Lighting and two meditative tracks, Hyperlife and Uneventful Days.

And here’s a new moody cut, called DARK PLACES,
also written with Williams. Hear it here…

BECK: Facebook

New album HYPERSPACE out 22 November – more info here

(photo on top: FB Beck)

BECK Launches Two Tracks From His New Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘HYPERLIFE’ And ‘UNEVENTFUL DAYS’…

New sonic impulses

17 October 2019

Musical octopus BECK launches his new album HYPERSPACE on
22 November and today he shared two tracks of the record. The
otherworldly meditations ‘HYPERLIFE‘ and ‘UNEVENTFUL DAYS‘.

Check both atmospheric pieces right here…



BECK: Facebook

New album HYPERSPACE out 22 November – more info here

BECK Shares First Single From New LP – Here’s The Jumpy ‘SAW LIGHTING’…

Brand new sonic impulses

16 April 2019

Musical centipede BECK has already shared two new tracks this year. And here’s another fresh one, called SAW LIGHTING written and produced together with Pharrell Williams.

A press statement says this is officially the first single from Beck‘s upcoming new LP entitled HYPERSPACE. Planned to be out “at an as yet undetermined point in the space
time continuum.”

Listen to ‘Saw Lighting‘ here…

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(photo on top: FB Beck)