Punk Rock Is Alive And Ticking – Go Nuts To New LP ‘EMULATOR’ By Thrashing Turbo HYPERSPACE

22 July 2020

Who: A “Geek Rock” band from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in September 2011. The band mixes punk, distorted guitars, and catchy songs to create their own brand of “Geek Rock”.
Released: 21 May 2020
Info: All songs written by Jason Kochis published by Chorus Verse Chorus Music (ASCAP) except “Baroness” by Corey Jones and “Do Or Do Not” by Kayvan Sarikhani (BMI) / Recorded by Sean McPherson at East Atlanta Recording in Atlanta, GA. / Mixed by SAW in Scotland, UK. / Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza at Howie Weinberg Mastering in Los Angeles, CA.

Key phrase: “When American idiot smokes a hash pipe and turns into a Blitzkrieg Bop punk.” 
Key references: Green Day, Ramones, Sum 41, Weezer,  Blink 182

Keywords: Riff extravaganza / electrical lobotomy / sweet little Ramona / sickly sticky tunes / high-voltage power pop / Gabba Gabba Hey / Alive and ticking / Princess Leia

Key tracks: Jackie / The Ghost Of Carrie Fisher / D & D / Baby Baby / Ramona

Full album…


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