TOYAH & ROBERT Can’t Get Satisfaction

19 April 2021

You just can’t stop TOYAH WILLCOX and her husband ROBERT FRIPP
from having a ball every Sunday around lunchtime. Their weekly cover
sessions (since April 2020) made them huge YouTube stars.

But yesterday the comic couple couldn’t get satisfaction…

The rollin’ original

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‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ By THE ROLLING STONES – Released 55 Years Ago Today In The US

Top singles from the past…

6 June 2020

Band: The Rolling Stones
Song: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
B-side:  The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Note 1: Written by Jagger/Richards, but it’s Keef‘s ace riff, intended to be replaced
by horns, that made this classic the steamy stunner we all know. Add the controversial lyrics about sexual aggravation and greedy commercialism and you have the hot
recipe for a timeless blockbuster.
Note 2: When the single was released in the US today 55 years ago it was initially
played only on pirate radios, because of the sexually suggestive content.
Score: No 1 in the UK and the US

Let’s have some…

Speedy live version (1965)