Discover The Political Side Of FONTAINES DC With Their New Single ‘I LOVE YOU’

New striking strokes

18 February 2022

Who: Irish post-punk squad
Albums: Drogel (2019) and A Hero’s Death (2020)

New album: SKINTY FIA – 3rd LP
Release: 22 April via Partisan Records

Skinty Fia is Irish for ‘the damnation of the deer.’ Both the title
and cover art refer to the extinction of the Irish giant deer. The
symbol for a longplayer that meditates on the band’s Irish identity.
It’s the first LP made after all group members moved out of Ireland,
looking back from the outside.

New single: I LOVE YOU
It’s the second piece the Irishmen share
after lead single Jackie Down The Line.

(Grian Chatten – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Grian Chatten (frontman): “The first overtly political song we’ve written. It’s from the perspective of an Irishman abroad who is enjoying great personal success and a sense of cultural pride, and simultaneously metabolises deep disappointment, and swirling anger,
at the current political climate as well as the country’s grimmest historical atrocities, such
as the decades of tragic brutality at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Galway.”

Listen to the meditative story here…