It’s OK To Bleed With Manchester Cult HEAVY SALAD… An Interview

27 February 2021

If you’re going to Manchester be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going
to Manchester you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. All across the UK nation such
a strange psych vibration, people in motion. They are a whole cult generation with a new
casual explanation.

They are called HEAVY SALAD.

A trio formed in 2018 in one of the most fertile rock cities in the world, that works in the space between perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Bonding over a joint interest in psych-horror films, they loved the idea of being in a band like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules. Sounds pretty cool, right? Absolutely, as the now 7-piece gang knocked heavily on the door last year with CULT CASUAL. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best debut LPs of 2020. So, you really need to learn more about this Lucy in the Sky with diamonds collective.

But, as usual, before we start chatting, a piece of music…

Hello Manchester,
Hello Heavy Salad

Is there a story behind the band’s name and how
many members are actually part of the team?

“Heavy Salad was just a phrase that Lee liked and thought he’d just made up,
then we found out it’s a – lesser known – Scouse saying that means ‘something
stressful or demanding
’ which seemed to be a nice juxtaposition to the sound
of the band.

Heavy Salad was started by Rob Glennie, Allan Hutchison and Lee Mann and slowly
grew into a seven-piece (when we’re all free) with The Priestesses: Ally Boo, Esther
and Lucy Hope and Oscar on rhythm guitar /backing vocals. The whole
group contributed to the album too.”

Why is it that tons of great bands – then and now – come out of Manchester?

“Maybe because it’s cheap to rehearse! Anywhere it’s cheap to rehearse has good bands.”

Which track would you play to introduce yourself to people who never heard of you?

“Probably the first song on the album, it’s called ‘Death’ and it touches on lots of what we’re musically all about. All the songs are something of a red herring though because we like to explore different styles of writing, we love albums like The Beatles’ White Album that take the listener on a sonic tour.”


Debut album CULT CASUAL is a triumph to my ears!
What’s the title about?

“The title of the LP was an off cuff remark by Allan on WhatsApp that stuck. I guess it means we like to think of ourselves as a cult but we don’t expect you to drink the poisoned Kool Aid to transcend, you are free to transcend at your own free will! It was originally going to be called ‘Sun Warm’.”

Great artwork too. Who designed it and what does it all mean?

“A long-time friend of the band Ed Syder is responsible for the artwork. The images
touch on themes of the album and illustrate our esoteric/occult interests.”

Single ‘IT’S OK TO BLEED’ sounds like a 60s psych hippie song to my ears. Agree?

“Yeah we would agree with that sentiment, we are all big hippies at heart and that song is about just letting go and living in the moment, accepting that it’s ok to just be yourself. Just let the feeling flow…..”

What about the message on your FB-page: ‘Stay tuned… back soon’?

“We just wanted everyone to know we’ve not given up because of the pandemic! Quite the opposite actually as the band have been working on something of an opus for the second LP and we’re going to be working with a longtime hero but we’re staying super tight-lipped for now…”

A lot of musicians came up with covers of other artists’ songs during these
bizarre times. Which one would you pick to give it a HEAVY SALAD touch?

“Da zeuhl wortz mekanik by Magma.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite the British National Anthem,
what would be the outcome in sound and vision?

“It would just be a one-note, hypnotic mantra that forces the listener to think and to mediate. It would make the listener take a minute to weigh up a situation and come
to a caring and respectful decision that benefits everyone and not just themselves.
That’s what we need from a new National Anthem.”

City or United?

“Defo not City, have you seen the state of Pep’s trousers?! Allan and Rob are United.
Lee is Liverpool FC! Just don’t mention Football innit!”

Oasis or The Stone Roses or Happy Mondays?

“Happy Mondays all day long.”

How’s life in real Brexit time now?

“Who knows!? We haven’t had the opportunity to experience what it’s going to be like, on paper it looks disastrous! We remain optimistic because you just have to don’t you? None of the band support Brexit.”

What movie would you pick to screen behind
you on stage while playing the album?

“The Panos Cosmatos classic MANDY.”

THE THING the world should know about HEAVY SALAD?

“We rehearse in a Flying Saucer. ”
(note TUTV: damn, I knew it)

Thanks very much for the interview.
May the road rise with HEAVY SALAD!

Buy/stream CULT CASUAL here…


The gang in full, with the wonderful flower power Priestesses

Rage Against The Body Count – Read And Learn About Crashing Crossover Family SAVING JACKIE

24 February 2021

Combine the flaming intensity of Rage Against The Machine and the razor-sharp rants of Body Count and what you get is San Antonio‘s hot-tempered cross-over rockers SAVING JACKIE. Wait, there are two notable differences. No slams about politics, but a pure lust
for life credo, and instead of a testeron-driven frontman we have the wonderful Jenny
4C Ramirez
leading the troops with vivid gusto and vigorous bravado. She raps and hollers like the best with a high-powered voice you can break walls with.

The debut EP of this mettlesome turbo is a head-banging triumph.
A storming eruption of illegal decibels and deafening riffs. Yes!!

So, listen up, Zack de la Rocha and Ice-T. From now on no more male-dominated
metal-rap-dynamite. Make way for Jenny and read carefully what she told Turn Up
The Volume
. But, as usual, we start interviews with music. Let’s roll…

Hello Jenny,
Very pleased to meet you…

Who is JACKIE and why has she/he to be saved?

“Three of our Band members: Myself, Anthony, & John are from a previous band called, Jackie On Acid. We got Jackie On Acid from the Rage Against The Machine song: ‘Tire Me‘.
Our guitarist at the time thought he heard ‘I wanna be Jackie On Acid‘ on the bridge. When really the words are “I wanna be Jackie Onassis“. We were younger, wild and we didn’t have families then.

In July 2003 we played our last gig and we took a long break. As time went by I wanted
to get a band back together again with my Brother one last time for fun. We put an ad
out and John answered it. Myself, Anthony and John had a dinner/meeting and we left excited to jam again. Saving Jackie was formed January 2019. We’ve grown, we’ve changed and we wanted to keep Jackie in the name. As we thought of ideas, Saving Jackie was most fitting to us.”

Which track would you play to introduce yourself to people who never heard of you?

“I think we all would say, My Faith Is Larger. It’s a hard-hitting, gritty and in your face song. It’s a great introduction to our band and gives a taste to what we sound like.”

The band wants to spread a message of redemption for a new life.
How should we imagine that new life?

“As Saving Jackie, our lives have changed throughout the years. Most of us have Families, Spouses and Children. I feel like I have a new life personally. As a lyricist, I write about my pain and triumphs in our songs but my thoughts are like I’m writing in my Diary. My faith is larger than the negative voices that play in my mind. Our songs reveal a positive message for everyone. I’ve struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, deep dark places in my mind mixed with being an alcoholic and addicted to nicotine.

As I’ve grown I became sober and I’m in a way better place. I’ve made life changes and I never gave up. We’ve been told many times we’ve been encouragers to others. New life comes with change. People relate to my lyrics, life is hard and some like myself have had bad health diagnoses. I write for myself as an outlet and not knowing others are getting a positive message from me being transparent about my journey. I’m grateful I’m still alive after all these years and I hope others feel the same about themselves. I’m all for positive change and living the best life I can live.”

Recently the band shared its first video clip. One for the titanic track
MY FAITH IS LARGER. How did that came about?

“We wanted to make a Music Video and we concluded on taping for My Faith Is Larger. That song has been played the most out of our EP. My Brother did the research & he booked everything. He’s the Talker and Mastermind of Saving Jackie. He had the foundational ideas. We visited the video location before we concluded on it.

It was filmed during the Pandemic so we didn’t have an audience there. We kept it under wraps because of that. Overall, It was an awesome experience all around. We can’t wait to make another one. We’ve had a great response from it. As we’re growing as Saving Jackie we hope to get more Subscribers to our Youtube Channel.”

Do siblings in a band fight all the time or get along and rock out?

“We get along and we rock out. We love each other and respect each other because we’re family and musicians. He’s also our band leader & every once in awhile I may not like some ideas, but he does things that turn out positive & takes me out of comfort zone. I trust him. We have our sibling connection. We laugh without talking, we just look at each other and we crack up.

We talk almost every day or we text each other outside the band whether it’s personal family stuff or just band work. He’s the talker and I’m the 1 behind the scenes working
on most of our social media outlets. I work on pictures, videos, posts, merchandise and shipping. He networks, books and sets dates for practices and virtual/performances. We RARELY argue.”

A lot of musicians came up with a cover of other artists’ songs during
these bizarre times. Which one would you pick to trash and smash?

“Great question. We were asked to take part of a Mortification Tribute back in September 2020. We picked Arm The Anointed to cover. We had a great time doing it. We also did our rendition of Winter Wonderland for Christmas 2020. We rocked it and I sang. We worked hard on it and we laughed so much making it. That’s what it’s all about. We enjoy making music and we enjoy each others company. We’re all like Family.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite the National American Anthem,
what would be the outcome in sound and vision?

“We would leave the lyrics the same, but rock it out
with our Saving Jackie signature sound.”

What is a SAVING JACKIE gig like?

“We have a great fanbase for Saving Jackie. It’s pretty fun. We prepare for it and pray that whatever is done that night we meet new friends and inspire someone. We’re upbeat, powerful and we take over the stage when we’re there. You’ll feel our presence and you’ll also feel like your part of our family.”

What do you hope for in a post-Trump America?

“We love and care for everyone. Our band is not involved in any political climate. We are a band that’s focused on love and encouraging everyone. We hope to continue doing so in our music now and in the future. Whatever time holds and whoever is elected President; we move forward with that always in mind and hope to make timeless music.”

Your favorite rap/rock/crossover bands and songs?

“Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine,
Papa Roach, Beastie Boys, and Korn
. To many songs to list by name.
We feel the name of the bands would give you a good idea.”

Which band would you pick to tour the world with?

“We’d all say, Rage Against The Machine. Personally, because we’ve been compared to them. It would be an honor to open for them and it would be a great lineup. Who knows maybe one day it’ll happen after Covid. That would be awesome! Someone make that happen”

Any new 2021 music for SAVING JACKIE?

“Yes. We recorded 4 new songs in the Studio late September 2020. Covid pushed our release date back, but we’re in the final mixing stage. As soon as our songs are ready,
we’ll send those songs along with our previous 3 song EP to get Mastered. We’re “hoping” on releasing our first Album by April 2021. We’re really excited about this huge project.”

Thank you very much Jenny for this chat.
May the road rise with Saving Jackie!

Debut EP in full…


Two Lights At The End Of The Darkwave Tunnel – Meet… ULTRA SUNN

18 February 2021

If you sound cool, if you look cool, if you dress cool and you have a cool EP out you must be ULTRA SUNN. Who? A Brussels-based duo – Gaelle and Sam – that loves to wander around in your head while producing dark waves causing an instant flush of excitement.

They seduce you with battering and booming beats, nightmarish sound textures, murky dynamics and ominous vocals. Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibes, Sisters Of Mercy‘s gloom and doom hallucinations and Depeche Mode‘s pop-noir thrills and you know this pair was born to start and end chill-out house parties. Before I put on my black leather jacket and talk to the wonderful Gaelle let us have some light at the end of the tunnel…

Hello Gaelle.
Merci for having this chat…

What’s the story behind your artist moniker ULTRA SUNN?
“It’s about light, for us ULTRA SUNN means the perfect light. The light that reveals what
is hidden and also the fights against darkness. We are proud that our songs and our band convey positive messages such as the acceptance of yourself and of the others, gender equality, victories against street harassment and victories against anxieties. We strive to
be a light in the dark, a powerful ULTRA SUNN.”

What or who influenced you to do what you’re
doing: writing/playing ‘darkwave’ music?

“The band refers to the sounds of the past but keeps in mind its desire for modernity. We’re influenced by Front 242, DAF, Schwefelgelb, Boy Harsher or Kontravoid. We like
to mix EBM and Coldwave.”

Ultra Sunn favorites: EBM pioneers Front 242

Which track would you play to introduce yourself to people who never heard of you?
“Night Is Mine is clearly the most significant track for us. The sound is really typical of what we do and the lyrics reflect our commitments.”

The new EP is a instant winner. How does it feel to have it out and what’s the feedback you got so far from fans and press?
“We’re super happy, it’s very exciting to have released this EP. We’re delighted to see that people are so receptive of the songs and that they travel all over the world in playlists, DJ sets, radio stations etc. We are so grateful for this excitement and can’t wait to play our set live!”

I love the EP’s artwork image. Does the picture tells a story?
“We came across a 17th century painting of a man with a flower in front of his mouth.
We were touched by this image. We love the contrast between flowers that are related to light but here emerge from deep darkness with us like in a Caravagio painting. Hiding the mouth with a flower is also a certain idea of silence which contrasts with music just like the coloured flowers and the dark atmosphere all around. Our dear friend Kris Parenti, who is also our photographer, was sensitive to this idea and succeeded in creating this image for us.”

So far my favorite ULTRA SUNN track is DISTRESS. What’s the song actually about?
“Thank you, glad you like it! Distress talks about anxieties and the fight against it, but
in a positive way. The way to fight is to refuse to let yourself be invaded. The video is a nocturnal wandering in the city with all that it entails: speed, noise, party, loneliness, light, contemplation, and the confrontation with yourself.”

You’re signed to a Spanish label called ORACULO RECORDS. How did that happen?
“They just heard our music and they wanted to collaborate with us for the release of this first EP and it was the right time for us to do it.”

I spotted (some days ago) a live performance video of
a track called WAVES. A great piece. Why isn’t it on the EP?

“It’s a song that we love a lot and that we love to play live. It’s a rather special moment in our set that invites introspection. For the EP, we wanted to offer pure condensed energy:
3 songs about confidence and strength. Maybe Waves will be released later on another disc, why not.”

What’s an ULTRA SUNN gig like?
Gaelle and Sam on stage with their machines and a beautiful light show. We make sure that all of our gigs are a safe place for everyone and where everybody is included and accepted for what or who they are, that is very important to us. Recently we shot a video of a live set which can give you an idea. This video will be released in the next few days.”

Lots of musicians came/come up with a cover of other artists’ songs during these bizarre times. Which one would you pick to give it your touch?
“Probably something like Duran Duran, Placebo or Depeche Mode. It actually happened
to us to cover Q Lazarus in our live set. It was sweet to say goodbye to the horses.”

Which movie would you choose to have your music in there as the soundtrack?
“Probably in a Xavier Dolan movie or in the vampire rave at the beginning of the movie Blade haha 😀 or more likely, something in between.”

Which artist/band would you really love to work with?
“We probably would have liked to work with David Bowie.
But maybe we would’ve just talked about clothes and music
and smoking cigarettes, which would’ve been perfect too.”

More new ULTRA SUNN music to come in 2021?
“Definitely yes! We are already preparing for the rest.
And we can’t wait to be able to play in concert again
and meet the public.”

Thank you very much for this interview, Gaelle.
May the road rise with ULTRA SUNN!

Stream/buy the


How Was 2020 For DEATH VALLEY GIRLS? First Lady BONNIE BLOOMGARDEN Answers The Question(s)…

30 December 2020

After their psych-o-delic album Darkness Rains, their third full length released two years ago, garage-rock hell cats DEATH VALLEY GIRLS returned from their Los Angeles graves for
the flabbergasting follow-up UNDER THE SPELL OF JOY. Sonically a different beast, from
the Death Valley universe where anything can happen.

(Re)discovering the powerful force of joy the longplayer sounds magical, but be aware the Girls are still SPELL-binding, you never know what they have up on their shiny sleeve. But that didn’t stop Turn Up The Volume to contact first lady Bonnie Bloomgarden for a 2020 chat. But as usual, we start with a piece of music. Let’s go to the disco…

New album UNDER THE SPELL OF JOY was a sonic surprise. How would
you describe the different sound and approach of the record?

“We wanted to expand on some of the ideas from the last album by experimenting
a bit more. We wanted to have tons of backup gang vocals, a kids chorus, sax and
keyboard on most songs. And we wanted it to be like sound improvised!”

Who’s eyes do we see on the album’s front cover?

“Her name is Olga Klüver, she was an artist who hung out with
Andy Warhol and The Factory crowd in New York in the 60’s.”

The title track is a thing of beauty with that angelic choir and the positive
message. What or who motivated you for this song, Bonnie?

“Thanks so much! It flew into my head while walking in my favorite park! The rhythm of my steps just too form into that melody! I felt so lucky! I ran into a coffee shop and borrowed someone’s phone so I could leave the melody on my voicemail. I used to never take my phone on walks…”

How hard was it to hear that for a band-made-to-play-live concerts
were cancelled due to the coronavirus?

“It’s extremely hard for everyone in every job. The toughest part for us is trying to
figure out how and when we can help. We are really lucky we finished the record
before quarantine, and that it’s bringing some amount of joy to people.”

What did you feel the moment you heard
of the fall of Donald Trump?


Suppose you were the new and first lady in the White House,
what music would you play in the Oval Office?

Iggy, Ronnie Spector, Black Sabbath, The Cramps, Dead Moon.”

You’re asked to rewrite and put new music to the National USA Anthem. No restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“No words, just guitar, bass and drums with the Bo Diddley beat!”

2020 was the year of covers. Which song would
you pick to turn it into a DVG vibe?

“‘Real World’ by Buzzocks.”

What was the best track and album you heard in 2020?

“‘Track: ‘Dreams Wash Away‘ song by Joe Wong.”
“‘Album: ‘Nite Creatures‘ by Joe Wong.”

Prick of the year and hero-ine of the year?

“Aww, that’s too hard. So many heros!”

Which song will you play on January 1st?

“‘Black Sabbath‘ by Black Sabbath
always rings in the new year.”

Name three things you really want
to see happen in 2021, Bonnie?

“No more Covid, Live music, Joy!”

Any new DEATH VALLEY GIRLS music in 2021?

“Yes! We hope to be releasing so much new music
in the new year!”

Thank you for this chat, Bonnie.
May the road rise with Death Valley Girls
in 2021.

Get under the spell of joy here…


(live pics DVG by Turn Up The Volume – Belgium 2019)

How Was 2020 For London’s Party Animals FERAL FIVE?

29 December 2020

London‘s party expert duo FERAL FIVE is a seductive and swirling Shake It dance tandem specialised in creating adrenalised knockout crackers to fill dance floors. They mix droning synths, glimmering disco ball percussion, layered guitar fuzz into an effervescent cocktail. Add sensuous vocals and what you get in the end are sensual-hip-swaying vibrations to start and end all 24-hour raves and dirty dancing extravaganzas. Hot Saturday Night Fever stuff, indeed.

Let’s get a grip on Kat and Drew Five and find out how they experienced these past strange 12 months. But as usual Turn Up The Volume starts a chat with music. Here’s
one of my favorite FF bangers…

Hello Kat and Drew,
Thank you for making
time for this Q & A…

I follow you for a long time now, but I never asked if there’s
a story behind your artist name FERAL FIVE. Is there?

Kat: “We see ourselves as a space gang… We ate the others.”
Drew: “People think there’s an upgrade path… room for an
extra three… but it’s just our family name really.”

Writing swinging dance floor killers is what FERAL FIVE is about.
I suppose you’re both party animals too, are you?

Kat: “For sure, though I make it on to the dance floor more often.
Drew’s the demon dancing behind the decks.”

Brand new track GET A GRIP is a psych-chilling groove, with a
different vibe than before. What or who inspired you for this one?

Drew: “We’d been too long not being in the studio together this year. We both
thought that it was time to get on with things but just in a different way.”
Kat: “Yes. I was really missing the studio part of the creative process. So, we were
both angry with how this year played out at home and across the pond and felt
it was time for people to ‘get a grip’ on things. For the world to have a rethink,
or at least the humans running it. Or should that be ruining it?”

Over the years you wrote enough material for a whole album,
but so far no longplayer. Any specific reason why?

Drew: “You’re right. In fact we’ve probably got several albums
worth of material but we wanted to create some new stuff.”
Kat: “We considered releasing an album a couple of years ago.”

Drew: “In 2019 we had a really fertile writing period. We started writing some really
cool new stuff which we felt deserved to be up there with our best stuff so we had a rethink. Shelved the release plan and continued working on the new stuff.”
Kat: “We’ve pretty much got most of the album written and are working on mixing it. Although from March onwards there have been some difficulties. I’m usually at the controls with Drew when it comes to mixing and production so this has been a tough

Drew: “2021 it will happen.”

Hello Five’s, I want EGO on the album…

This year you both, Kat and Drew, released solo tracks
for the first time. How did that happen?

Drew: “I mean we’ve both been writing separately and as Feral Five for a while. Feral Five
is our main channel but occasionally there’s a personal piece of music that expresses our individual creativity.”

Kat: “As we weren’t able to rehearse and gig, let alone finish album production,
we both released solo stuff to keep our creative energies flowing.”

Drew: “In addition one or two of the things we have been working
on have been with extended members of the Feral family.”
Kat: “Can’t say more yet but in the new year we’ve both got some more
solo stuff. Rather than dilute what we’re doing, it’s really recharged us
for the final album push actually.”

During these weird times lots of artists came up with covers.
Which song would you pick to turn it into a Feral Five one?

Kat: “We’ve done a few covers. Usually we play them as a fun extra at gigs.”

Drew: “We covered Japan, The Normal, Poly Styrene…”

Kat: “…Kylie! We did a cover of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ which we played at
our Neurotrash launch show ages ago. We decided to call it ‘sad Kylie’ because we
made it dark in a very upbeat Nadine Shah style way. Maybe we should record it

How’s life in London after 4 years of Brexit?

Kat: “Turbocharged! So much creativity around right now, especially in music,
and activism to fight the powers. London said a great big fat no to Brexit. Maybe
we should form a breakaway state.”

Drew: “London? Where’s that? Isn’t there a London, Ontario I wonder how
the Canadians are getting on? “

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the British
royal anthem ‘God Save The Queen’, without any restrictions, what would
be the outcome, in sound and vision?

Kat: “We definitely need a punchier national anthem. We don’t need it to be royal. I’m
a big fan of the Marseillaise. What would we make? Think Kylie crossed with the Sex Pistols.”

Drew: “I think the Pistols did it.”

What was the best track and album you heard in 2020?

Drew: “Best track: ’Unfollow The Rules’ by Rufus Wainwright just because this year really made everyone I know think about what we’re doing and how important family and friends really are especially when times are tough. Best album: Max Richter’s All Human Beings because that’s all we are and all we got baby, and it’s up to us to work things out.”

Kat: “My yes for best track is for Billy Nomates’ ‘No’. Absolute fire. Best album: Bugeye’s Ready Steady Bang, razor sharp disco punk party with meaning.”

What video clip impressed your eyes the most in the past 12 months?

Drew: “I’m a fan of dance and was moved by the video clip of Michael Fryer’s BLM dance protest that went viral this year. The concept of ‘Dancers For Social Justice’ is also a really important movement. Artists and creatives have a duty to speak and for that matter ‘dance’ for humanity. It’s said that Shiva created the world from a dance.”

Kat: “Chicago footwork dancers at a BLM protest. Amazing. I follow some of them on
insta now and watch all the rehearsals.”

Best movie of the year?

Kat:The Small Axe series of films by Steve McQueen. Mega movie
power in so many different ways, though they’re on the BBC.”

Drew: “Tenet.”

Your hero-ine of 2020?

Drew: “From a creative point of view it has to be Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery. There’s a moment where she gives the command for: “black alert”, a poignant moment reflecting our current collective realities and a creative call to action that calls
out beyond the fourth wall.

Also sadly we lost great granny this year. She was a total inspiration for everyone who knew her. She was 94 and during WW2 when she was probably only 13, she was trapped between retreating Germans and advancing Russians. She survived many changes and difficulties through her life but was responsible for bringing up an amazing family and inspiring further generations.”

Kat: “In music, a joint first – mastering ace Katie Tavini and artist/producer Rookes who founded the 2% Rising group for women and non-binary producers and engineers, that
I’m part of. So much talent and support in that virtual room, punching through more by the day.”

Which song would you pick to play out loud on 31 December,
when the clock strikes midnight?

Both: “Get A Grip”
Kat: “It’s what our so-called leaders need to do, as they push us off a cliff.”

Drew: “That or ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by George Harrison.”

31st December: The remix…

Three things you really want to see happen in 2021?

Drew: “Peace, love and Feral Five’s album, insert name here.”
Kat: “Build back better happening for real, positivity winning out, and
that insert name here (note TUTV: Get A Grip On Feral Five) album, oh yes!”

(photo: Gary Hennsey)

Thank you Kat and Drew for this interview.
May the road rise with Feral Five in 2021.

FERAL FIVE: SpotifyBandcampFacebook

The Rat Girl That Doesn’t Want To Grow Up – How Was 2020 For KRISTIN HERSH?

18 December 2020

Suppose somebody asks me to write KRISTIN HERSH‘s curriculum vitae (nobody
will ask me, but I like the idea, so I’m doing it anyway) it would read like this…

Daughter of unconventional hippies. Independent teenager. Former bipolar disorder sufferer. Founder (along with her stepsister Tanya Donelly) of legendary Rhode Island guitar pop/rock band Throwing Muses, 30 years ago. Anti-rock star.

Compelling wordsmith. Emotive tunesmith. Mesmeric voice. Open-hearted writer. Intriguing poet. Natural born mother. Positive, realistic thinker. Sonic dreamer. Social personality. Owner of magnificent eyes. A rat girl that still doesn’t want to grow up. Author of one of the best records with Sun Racket and of one of the best singles with Dark Blue this year. Two comforting highlights in this science-fiction-like 2020…

Hello Kristin, so thrilled
you want to do this…

What or who made you decide to call the new arresting and
highly acclaimed THROWING MUSES album SUN RACKET?

“Titling records is obviously an artificial aesthetic move, based loosely around the
idea that we press lp’s with 6 songs per side and then sell them to teenagers, as if
we went back in time to the ’60s. So I tend to draw a blank unless a title shouts itself
out at some point in the recording process.

This one was shouted out by my drummer, across the mixing desk, as the song,
Bo Diddley Bridge played loudly through the speakers: “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING IN
THE SECOND VERSE? IS IT A GOOD RECORD TITLE?” And what I was saying was, of
course, “sun racket.”

Does the record’s cover sleeve reflects in, any way, the LP’s title?

“I took the cover photo here in California while my son was surfing down the street.
I loved the crappiness and the beauty. Kind of what I love about my bands: crappiness
and beauty. We never wanted to be rock stars; in fact, we don’t want to be looked at at
all. We just love music and we love each other. I lucked out when I found musicians like me, all about crappiness and beauty. The opposite of show-offs.”

The rockin’ tracks on the record sound garage-esque and pretty rough. A different resonance from anything else before. Is something wrong with my ears?

“There were two sonic vocabularies on this record, which were completely opposed. One distorted and hypnotic, recorded in New England; the other fragile and detailed, recorded in LA. Rather than try to blend heavy and light, I just let them contrast each other, which makes them both seem more extreme. And yeah, that makes you feel like there’s something wrong with your ears!”

On closing track SUE’S there’s a brilliant line “The devil has no soul / doesn’t
love who he fucks”. Is the devil you sing about a real person?

“I think we all embody devils when we let hate play out in our lives.
Empathy, even with darkness, is a better quality to move toward.”


I can’t think of any other album that came out with a visual film featuring haunting visual accompaniments to the songs. Who came up with the inventive idea and how did its film-noir content develop?

“My son Ryder shot footage in the studio and a filmmaker used on-location landscapes to create these films. Very textured and moody, which serves Sun Racket’s buoyancy. We’re all shy, private musicians who don’t want to interfere with songs, so a visual mood piece will reflect that ethos better than a “rock video.”

The full album in visuals right here

The album was recorded with the same band as the one you worked with for
about 30 years now. That’s longer than most marriages last. What’s the secret?

“I love and trust Dave and Bernie to the point where I want to live up to their expectations, so I ask even more of myself than I demand when I work alone. We have FUN, which is a dirty word in this industry devoted to its dumbing down and then calling that dumb “fun.” Real fun is insightful and smart, just like my bandmates.”

(Photo credit: Steve Gullick)

Is Kristin Hersh the same person as 30 years ago,
if not, in what way did she changed?

“I wrote a book based on my teenage diary that was reviewed well, based on my ability to “capture a teenager’s voice.” Then these journalists interviewed me and realized that I didn’t “capture” anything; I just never grew up…”

Slate Magazine review here – available via Amazon

What did you feel the very moment the fall of Trump was announced, Kristin?

“Relief. The slipping into hate my country was doing was evidence of the devils in “Sue’s.” We don’t have time for division.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the National USA Anthem. No restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“I think a quiet, humble instrumental would serve America well. My poor country is mired in its entertainment industry, which could be an unpretentious fairy tale, but we need to shake off money, status, fame and fear in order to embrace that in a healthy way. “Stars” of all kinds are evidence of the bought-and-paid-for spotlight that convinces people that their attention is not reflective of their own idiosyncrasies. All we have is our perception; to give away that power to people with marketing money erases our culture and ourselves.”

Many artists came up with covers of their favorite songs in these surreal,
lockdown times. Which song would you pick to cover, Kristin?

“I’m not usually moved to cover songs because I write too many! And because if I love a song, I want to listen to it, not get in the way. But people make me cover songs, anyway, mostly for charity. I never say no to charity or a benefit. I’ve covered Neil Young’s “Like a Hurricane” and Nick Drake’s “Fly.” Apparently 50 Foot Wave covered “Somebody to Love,” because my drummer just sent it to me, but neither of us have any memory of doing this.”

Social media: a blessing or a pain in the ass?

“I loved Twitter at first, when it was like passing notes to crack each other up. Now, of course, it’s been taken over by noisy people who love to hate. I’m just careful to only say what I mean and only listen to those who mean what they say. I won’t abandon ship until all the quiet, thoughtful people have done so. Right now, we need each other too much to give up.”

What is the best track and album you heard in 2020?

Invisible Man” from Fred Abong’s album Our Mother Of Perpetual Help.”

I read somewhere that you will write a book ‘about raising kids on the road while touring’. As a parent myself, I’m really curious. Can you tell us more about the project, Kristin?

“My publishing company asked for a book about raising kids on a bus, which SOUNDS interesting until you think, “Well, I’ve seen kids and I’ve seen buses…” You know, not exactly the action-packed adventure they were imagining. But with 4 sons, this book spans 30 years, and when you have that much time to work with, you can edit out all the boring stuff. So it DID turn out to be pretty exciting after all.

I just finished the copy edit and cover, so it’s not mine anymore. A tough book to let go
of, as my youngest son turned 18 yesterday. I really have to face letting them go now. It’s sooooo hard. My sons are my heroes and I’ve had a child on my hip since *I* was a child. Maybe I’ll finally have to grow up.”

What and/or who, made you laugh crazily, and what and/or
who made you cry your eyes out the past 12 months?

“I don’t have anyone in my inner circle — friends, children, lovers and bandmates —
who haven’t done both. Sounds kind of intense putting it that way, but I only cry FOR
them, not because of them. I lucked out here on earth. I’m not safe in any way — physically, financially, artistically or emotionally — but your own raw life is the only art,
the only success, the real high. ”

Thank you very much for this interview, Kristin.
May the road rise with you, your family, your music
and your band in 2021

For the Rat Girl

(photo on top: via Shameless Promotion PR)

How Was 2020 For The Baader-Meinhof Punks Called… LEG PUPPY?

16 December 2020

Five reasons why you should read this Q & A with masked clowns… LEG PUPPY

1. They fabricate illegal 24-hour party music for illegal raves at illegal dance basements
2. They move and groove like spaced-out monkeys on a, b, c, d, E and circus acid
3. The Federal Bureau of Intesticides, short for FBI have an inside file on these outsiders
4. They re-defined the meanings of sarcasm, cynism and visual humour in puppy rock
5. They are the new Baader-Meinhof punks, ready to kidnap Boris Johnson

Oh, and they are the messed-up authors of the danm-bloody-best
mind-alternating-disco-inferno-paycheck-hit of this crackdown year…

Hello Puppy Simon

Who or what is LEG PUPPY?

“I am Leg Puppy, you are Leg Puppy, we are Leg Puppy. And a non-pretentious answer: me and whoever else is around for the ride, best mates, fans or basically stealing musicians from other bands.

Simon is our main clown. I have to mention him otherwise he won’t read the article unless he’s in it. Love you, Simon. Plus, a big mention to my producer Exire. Who is a real, special talent? He’s definitely the 5th or 38th Puppy.”

What secrets are hidden behind those big corona proof masks?

“Now that would be telling, there’s definitely a lot of secrets, all hidden within my lyrics.”

Why has the FBI a file on you, guys?

“I once rang them up and shouted ‘Call the FBI’ in my best Columbo voice, they’ve been on our case ever since. It might also have something to do with the 2000 Leg Puppy balloons we sent them.”

New single PAYCHECK is about money I suppose.
So how many did LEG PUPPY earned this year?

“As we are the biggest band in the world called Leg Puppy, the offers came flooding in.
So much so, like the KLF before us, we got paid 1 million pounds, although this wasn’t
in actual money, it was in Orange Squash. We wrote a book about pouring the whole lot down the plughole. KLF’s lawyers have been in touch.

Tells us how to do rave safely in these unsafe times,

“Lock down your aerials, pump up your slippers, get a few balloons,
and party like it’s 2020.”

A new album is waiting in the pipeline. What sort of hullabaloo can we expect?

“We actually have 3. But the next one is ‘A guide to social remixing’. Everyone is basically
sick of the term social distancing now, so we thought we’d milk that album and put out a remix one. We’ve got some killer remixes with the likes of Rocket Recordings band Gnoomes, Dicepeople, 1i2c & AKA (the best electronic artist not to be on Mute Records). The Kinky Emoji remix is just way too hot and will no doubt be played in every strip bar this side of Croydon.

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the British Royal Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’. No restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“What a brilliant question. I actually sampled ‘God Save the Queen’ but played it in reverse on Corgi Stop, a track of our new album. Actually, I’m talking crap, it was ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. I’d love to do a Clown mob video. Get loads of us in clown masks wiggling. Outside number 10 or Buckingham Palace.”

Do the wiggle, folks…

A lot of musicians came up with a cover of another artist’s song during
these bizarre times. Which one would you pick to trash and smash?

“Cool answer: ‘What about us’ by The Fall. Real answer: ‘Biology’ by ‘Girls Aloud’.”

Boris Johnson: should he stay or should he go?

Corgi Stop from our album Non Disclosure Agreement translates Stop Boris. He’s a big
posh sod with plumbs in his mouth. And I recently wrote a track called ‘Fuck Boris’. Here’s
a snippet. ‘His name is Boris he’s an arrogant prick, he went to Eton and he sucks his own dick, Fuck Boris!’ I wrote that to go with our 2019 track Nominate 10. We were going to perform this version live only. Then something happened in the world, can’t remember what it was now.”

Donald Trump or Elvis Presley?

“In a glory hole? Prob Trump as I’m not
sure Elvis’s would still work.”


“I’ve never really been a Robert Palmer fan. Could a stage take
all the KLF’s money and our OJ? It would be Rick n Roll mayhem.”

What was the worst track and the worst album you heard in 2020,
except your own music?

“Anything by The 1975, I don’t get it. They won a Brit award. How did this happen?”

1975 was an awful year…

The daftest video clip of the past 12 months?

“There’s some dude on Instagram who makes contractions with his head and rubber bands. Forget his name. Headband man maybe? Ah, found him, ‘Janerichsen’ he gets hundreds of comments, I need to get him on board, he’d be a great fit.”

Your favourite mouth mask of this corona year?

“Can we time travel to 2019? Thanks, a friend and I set ourselves a project, to visit every iconic place in London wearing the clown mask. We tried to get into the National Portrait Gallery, but they weren’t having it, so my mate brilliantly came up with this story that she was my carer and it’s my anxiety mask, they fell for it so we walked in absolutely pissing ourselves laughing. There’s some pics on our Instagram.”

Which song will LEG PUPPY play on 31st December at midnight
to annoy the neighborhood?

“‘Selfie Stick Narcissistic Prick’ as no doubt everyone will be sharing photos of
themselves pretending they are having a massively brilliant time when we
know they are lying. Welcome to the age of narcissism by a friend!”

Christmas 2020 will be really weird. Any tips to mess up Xmas Day?

“Stick on Meds and Beer and change the lyrics to ‘Shitmas time is here,
let’s all have a beer’
while bouncing on a balloon.”

Name three promises you WON’T keep in 2021?

“No more dogging.
Stay of social media.
Pump up balloon.”

Thank you for leaving jail to do this interview, Simon P.
Have a great leg Xmas and a puppy 2021.

Hello, ladies and gents, are you still here?
Here’s your guide to social distancing

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

(band photos received via the FBI)

How Was 2020 For… CORNERSHOP? A Chat With Main Man TJINDER SINGH

15 December 2020

The bands who are still going strong after nearly 30 years are very rare. CORNERSHOP
is one of them. They’re so much more than their massive 1997 hit Brimful of Asha (more than 11 million views on YouTube).

The Leicester-based band delivered nine notable longplayers since they hit the scene back in 1991. They master the art of embedding their views on society, on politics, on daily life in general in terrifically catchy guitar-pop tunes, with musical echoes of frontman TJINDER SINGH‘ Indian roots.

New critically acclaimed 2020 album ENGLAND IS A GARDEN, their first in eleven years, shows exactly what Cornershop is all about. All killers, no fillers. Lyrically it deals with a retrospect on Singh’s birthplace in the Black Country, and on the Midlands’ first wave of heavy metal. Two words: top record.

It’s always a most pleasant thrill when Turn Up The Volume can have a Q & A with, and
about one of his all-time favorite bands. So thank you very much for taking the time to
do this, Tjinder Singh. We’ll start the interview, as usual with a piece of music. Here’s one
of the highlights of the album with a knockout riff Keith Richards would be proud of…

Hello Tjinder,

CORNERSHOP hit the scene about 30 years ago. Music is in your DNA.
What keeps the band going for so long?

“Music is not actually in our DNA, but trying to do music and appreciating it is. Hence we continue at our own pace, and we have our own targets to achieve. These achievements have kept us going to our next target. We never wanted to just be on a stage, there was a lot of things to put to people and we have never stepped off that accelerator.”

Back then after releasing debut LP HOLD ON IT HURTS, David Byrne signed you to
his label Luaka Bop. Did you meet him and how did the collaboration work out?

“We met him of course, but the engine of Luaka Bop Records, New York was always
Yale & Kat. It ended being left out at sea by Mr. Byrne, luckily we met a life boat.”

The band always shared/shares outspoken political and social views packed in catchy, upbeat sing-along tunes. Was it a conscious choice to communicate that
way with the world when you started out?

“It wasn’t conscious but more a reflection on the upbeat music I liked – Punjabi folk and devotional music, and Christian gospel. I never thought out-and-out preaching of politics was a good way to win people over, and such an approach turns people off very quickly.
So communicating with other elements, even different music keeps people guessing and interested.”

What or who inspired the new album’s title ENGLAND IS A GARDEN?

“The idea that we were a finished group propelled us most. We needed an undeniable album and that’s what I think we got. After David Fricke of Rolling Stone USA, not only agreed to do our album sleeve notes but asked for more time in order to do the songs justice you know you have hit your target.”

Any relation between the title and the impressive artwork of the LP?

“Both are ambiguous and allow the viewer to make up their own mind about them. For instance, England Is A Garden may be a reflection of how wonderful this green island can be or a foolhardy person may see such a Garden as growing with Brexit. Both are valid
and viewer generated, so totally invalid too.”

Lead-single NO ROCK SAVE IN ROLL is an irresistible rockin’ groove.
What’s the song about?

“It’s a song saying there is not one thing without another, with a view on
England’s Midlands where I was born, and the birthplace of Heavy Rock.”

How’s life in the UK after 4 years of Brexit?

“Frustrating to know so many people around you
are actually so full of shit, not good shit, just shit.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the British Royal Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’. No restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“A reflection of all the countries Britain has conquered, that’s many countries,
it would be a long opera.”

Trump or Biden?

“Far-right racism or center-left.”

A lot of musicians came up with a cover of another artist’s song during
these bizarre times. Which one would you pick to cover, Tjinder?

“We do the odd cover now and then for specific reasons, but a cover to reflect
these bizarre time.”

Several artists developed mouth masks with their logo, image or
album covers on it? A good idea? Are CORNERSHOP masks available?

“We have Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast masks with artwork from that album.”

Info about the mouth mask right here

What was the best track and album you heard in 2020?

“The Frazer Ford album is good, nice southern soil feel and Shirley Collins made a good record this year aged 85! The best track of the year is State Of The Union by Public Enemy gives Trump both barrels.”

Movie of the year?

Making A Murderer on Netflix I found fascinating. ”

Which song will be on your stereo on 31st December at midnight, Tjinder?

Son of my father by Chicory Tip because it aces.”

Name three things you really want to see
happen in 2021 for the band and/or personally?

“Trump fucks off forever.
Johnson fucks of forever.
UK returns to the wonderful EU.”

Thank you a bunch, Tjinder, for this interview.
Have a safe Xmas and a brimful 2021

Stream/buy England Is A Garden here…


May the road rise with Cornershop

How Was 2020 For Heart And Soul Voice ROWETTA?

14 December 2020

Despite the freedom-curtailing corona pandemic, supreme Manchester-born soul voice ROWETTA had a very busy year. The wonderful lady – best known as long-term member of legendary 24-hour party people gang Happy Mondays – did what she does for years now, working with a variety of great artists. Actually not that easy in these strange times, taking into account the security regulations imposed by the virus crisis.

Rowetta‘s most recent project is one, again, for charity. She teamed up with celebrated Liverpool DJ Yousef for a vintage house jam, titled When We Were Free. A reminder of the difficult period we all facing right now, but also an ode to the good times we’ve had, and to the feelings of appreciation for when life returns to what it was before. Again Rowetta, also an active feminist, shows her always positively and sincerely beating heart
is in the right place. Respect!

So, before starting the chat about the past twelve months let’s play that disco stomper with all proceeds of the song going to Ronald McDonald House Charities in Liverpool.

Stream and buy here…

Hello Rowetta, so cool
to have you back…

Despite the surreal situation we live in, you were involved in several
musical projects this year. Tell us more about them, Rowetta

“I’ve collaborated with some amazing producers/ dis and musicians including – Oliver Heldens, Yousef, Solardo, Enzo Siragusa, Todd Terry, Alexander Technique, Jay Potter, The Amorphous Androgynous ft Paul Weller, K&K, Jodie Harsh, The White Island Orchestra, DJ
Dove, Nhan Solo, Jacob Colon, Brown Sneakers, A Man Without A Clue
and many more.

This has been the best thing about the situation as an artist writing and recording.
Usually, everyone would be busy touring all year, myself included. This year everyone is grounded so it’s been a great opportunity to be more creative in the studio and to reach out to the people you want to work with. Luckily many have reached out to me in the last few months and I’m really proud of all the new tracks and can’t wait for them all to be released.”

How does it feel to see that Kamala Harris is the
first female and black vice-president in the USA?

“It’s incredible. I am ambassador of the Pankhurst Trust, home of the Suffragetta movement. The Pankhursts fought 100 years ago, giving some women the right to
vote for the first time. Black women could only vote 55 years ago, so this is beautiful
and a great message for young girls of all colours.”

The Pankhursts – historic heroines

A lot of artists used/use social media frequently as a sort of safe stage
to share and perform music. Did you do something similar too, Rowetta?

“I took part in a couple streams for charities, but it was hard for me as one of my
dogs was very ill during lockdown, and he passed away in June, so I couldn’t take
part in many as he was with me 24/7 until the end. I am doing a couple in the next
few weeks. One is for the charity ‘Mind’ which helps with mental health, which is
even more important now than ever.”

What video clip impressed your eyes most in the past 12 months?

“I loved the ‘Rave Machine’ video that Toolroom made for the track I did with
Oliver Heldens. Loved the graphics and colours and the tune of course.”

Your hero-ine of the year?

Marcus Rashford is without doubt the biggest hero. He’s from Manchester and plays
for my team, Manchester United, but what he has done for children in the UK has been outstanding. He took on the government, stood up for all the children, making sure that none would go without food during this pandemic. Now children that need help, won’t go hungry this winter, because he never gave up. He’s a real superstar on and off the pitch and the greatest role model.”

What made you laugh crazily and made you cry your eyes out in 2020, Rowetta?

“I always have the best laughs with my best mate Bez, from our band, Happy Mondays.
We laugh all the time. I haven’t been able to see him as much, but we talk on the phone
a lot, and he’s just discovered FaceTime.

Losing my dog, Floyd has been the saddest thing to happen to me this year after 14 beautiful years together, but there has been so much sadness and loss this year.”

Which song would you pick to play out loud on 31 December,
when the clock strikes midnight?

‘When We Were Free’ Yousef & myself.

We’re donating the income from all sales and streams to families in need.

What present(s) will you buy for your two cute dogs?
“They get presents all the time, but definitely new coats and loads of toys
as one is a puppy who loves to play.”

Three things you really want to see happen in 2021?

“Live gigs and festivals back. Ibiza back and me on a stage there and I hope Happy
play Glastonbury. Last year was to be the 50th Anniversary and I was due to
play with the band, which would have been my 4th time perfuming there, so praying
it’s back on and that I’d love to perform there with some of my other collaborators
like Solardo and Yousef.

Playing the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury in 2000 with David Bowie watching
from the side is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had on a stage. So special.”

Thank you so much for this Q & A, Rowetta.
Have a fabulous Xmas and a back-to-life-music 2021…

As usual, Turn Up The Volume starts and ends an interview with music.

I played this incredibly terrific cover of Joy Division‘s monumental song Atmosphere
by former bassist Peter Hook and his band The Light with the 24-carat gold voice of Rowetta in the middle, countless times and will play it countless times in the future.

Just breathtaking

ROWETTA: FacebookTwitter

How Was 2020 For You? A Chat With Rich Girl LOUISA BLACK Who Was Born To Touch Hearts & Souls

10 December 2020

I fell in love with New York’s RICH GIRLS after playing their glowing 2016 EP Love Is The Dealer and astounding debut LP Black City on repeat. Music for mood-swing moments. Music for bluesy moments. Music for romantic moments. Wurlitzer jukeboxes should return to play Rich Girls on.

Once you’ve heard singer/songwriter LUISA BLACK‘s voice you’ll never forget her
soul-stirring, film-noir timbre. Gloomy and melancholic but also starry-eyed and

I also love Luisa‘s views on life, the Divided States of America, equality, tolerance and
daily reality. We talked before and I love to talk again with her. But before going to the questions and answers let’s listen to the Rich Girls song that, after countless spins, still makes me feel human…

Hello Louisa,

What triggered you to cover Springsteen’s classic BORN TO RUN?

“I’ve always heard it as a very dark song about American desperation but it’s cloaked by this big up-tempo pop production. I wanted to bring the darkness of the song forward. That meant stripping away some of those freedom rock elements. Also, and I say this with all humility, I never loved the middle eight in the original. I think it’s a better song without it. Don’t throw Twitter rocks at me.”

New 2020 single THE FIGHTER came with the message ‘fuck bigots’?
Who are the bigots?

“We have so many flavors of bigots in America these days. It’s hard to choose just one.
But let me give a particular shout out to all the pumped-up geniuses waving MAGA flags.
A special brand of white nationalist dipshit. Enemies of democracy.”

What did you feel the moment the fall of Trump was announced?

“Oh man, was that rich or what? There wasn’t really a question that he would lose.
It was just a question of how badly and how ridiculous he would look denying it. What a total loser that guy is. The realignment felt good. In particular the sense of reconnecting to countries around the world. I loved that people everywhere were celebrating in the street.”

Black women in politics matter

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the National USA Anthem, no restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“This is an amazing question. Did you see the John Legend video of him singing ‘Georgia on My Mind’ a capella the morning the election was called for Biden? I would entirely pass the mic to a Black artist to sing about America as they see fit.”

How hard was/is it to survive as a musician in these surreal times?

“About the same as it ever was. If you rely on tour revenue though it’s not pretty.”

A lot of artists used/use social media frequently as a sort of (save)
stage to share music. Did you do something similar too, Luisa?

“We shot the Born to Run video under quarantine on iPhones while we were on separate coasts. That was our first virtual stage I guess. But we haven’t sorted it out yet. I’d really like to move to hologram tech. I’m not kidding.”

Black women in politics matter

What was the best track and album you heard in 2020?

“Just under the wire! I like the new Shame single, Water in the Well. It’s probably not
the best of 2020 but it’s a kicker. Also even though it came out last year I listened to Andrew Bird’s Finest Work Yet a lot this year. I feel like it still counts because Covid-time
is bizarre. Bloodless is an incredible song for the moment.”

Prick of the year and hero-ine of the year?

“There are so many contenders for Prick of the Year. But I nominate all the GOP senators who saw fit to coddle a delusional scumbag without care for the state of our democracy. Also Kayleigh McEnenany, a liar. Yes, a woman but this is an equal opportunity award.

Heroine of the year: my friend Mare moved alone from NYC to the west coast
and started gender reassignment in the middle of a pandemic. Legend.”

What made you laugh crazily and what made you cry your eyes out
the past 12 months, Louisa?

“We’re in a mess in America right now. It’s bitter and non-stop. There was a moment this year when I realized how angry I was toward a whole group of people. I felt filled with hate toward perfect strangers and it was terrible. I don’t want to become that person. But you have to walk a line between accepting political differences and refusing to accommodate bigotry.”

Can we expect new RICH GIRLS music in 2021?

“I’m recording a new EP called La Novia right now. See you in early 2021.”

Which song will you play on 31st December at midnight?

“I can’t predict this.”

Xmas 2020 will be really weird. So, do you have any tips on how
to have fun during the festive season in these surreal times?

“Go outside. Get fresh air. Stay safe.”

Name three things you really want to see happen in 2021?

“More fascists defeated and ridiculed in the public square.
Open borders so we can visit the EU again.

Thank you for this interview, Luisa.
May the road rise with Rich Girls.
Have a safe Xmas and a reborn America in 2021.

As usual, we start a Q & A with music
and end the same way.

Here’s the 2018 debut LP

RICH GIRLS: Facebook

Let’s keep fighting in 2021