INTERVIEW – Look Out For Riotous Berlin Punk Trio LOBSTERBOMB And Their Barbed Wire Debut LP

After a series of stormy singles Berlin-based, turbulent trio LOBSTERBOMB released
their debut LP, titled LOOK OUT. A manic mixture of left/right punk uppercuts, garage
rock swagger, and riot grrl dynamics, stoked up by roaring riffs, a frenetic bass/drum tandem and high-pitched vocals, think of Poly Sterene, Kathleen Hanna or Bonnie
. All ingredients you need for a bonkers moshpit.

If you never heard of them read on as loud and clear vocalist/guitarist Crayon Jones
will tell us more about the band and their debut longplayer. But as usual, we start an interview with a slice of music. Open your ears and eyes for one of the album’s top cuts.

When and how did LOBSTERBOMB got together?

“We met via the instagram page ‘We formed a band’ which was run by the band Gurr.
It was a page where you can post handwritten notes looking for people to play with.

Once we connected we had a few practices together and then the pandemic hit.

So it took a while before we could really get going but we were
all super motivated to make some music and play some shows.”

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

“We can’t say exactly what it is, but we can
confirm it has nothing to do with the B-52s.”

Which track would you play to the people who never heard of you?

What About Never is our most recent single and it gives a pretty good idea
of what we are about. Lots of energy, personal lyrics and fun visuals.”

Your debut album is out. It’s titled LOOK OUT.
Who or what have we to look out for?

“It is both ‘Look Out, we are here!’ and also about our lyrics, which are quite
observational. We look out onto the world around us and write songs about
what we see and feel.”

How does it feel to have your first album on vinyl?

“It was definitely a little magical to listen to the test pressing
on vinyl for the first time.”

The LP’s image shows the band at its glamorous best. Do you want to express something about the band or your personal yourselves with your flamboyant

“There is no overall concept of our image, but we are all visually oriented people and find it fun to dress up. We each bring our own style rather than having a defined band uniform.”

Were all three of you involved in the writing/recording process?.

“Usually one of us will make a basic demo with the bones of the song,
but it doesn’t really develop into a full song until we play it together
and we all add something to it.”

Are all songs are in some way connected or do they all stand on their own?

“We wrote these songs over a long period of time so certain songs reflect different
times in our development as a band. For example No No No and Hitting The Wall are
among our oldest songs and have quite a raw and rocky feel, compared to What About Never, Gravitation or Dragonfly that are a bit more post-punky and have extra elements
like synths added.”

Were you listening to other music while writing the album?

“We all have a diverse taste in music. The playlists we listen to when driving
to shows are always a chaotic mix ranging from psychedelic to punk to pop.”

The album sounds as if it was recorded live
giving it a genuine raw/rough edge. Was it?

“We recorded it ourselves in our rehearsal room in Neukölln, rather than a fancy studio which is perhaps why it has a rawness to the sound, but we recorded each instrument separately rather than recording live.”

GRAVITATION is one of my fav tracks. What is
the song about and where was the video shot?

“It is about a moment when the universe seems to take control and connect you with another person. We shot the video with Unlost Films at Velodrom and Checkpoint Bravo in Berlin. We wanted locations that matched the 80s post punk vibe of the song that had some elements of brutalism and decay.”

What’s a LOBSTERBOMB gig like?

“We always try to make every show feel special and we love to connect with the audience. We want people to have fun, as it makes it even more enjoyable for us when the crowd is making noise and dancing.”

Which band would you love to tour with and why?

“We were already lucky to play with a lot of very cool bands such as Death Valley Girls, Pabst, Itchy and Laura Lee & the Jettes. A dream would be to play with Kathleen Hanna whether its with Bikini Kill or Le Tigre, we aren’t fussy!”

Suppose the album would be the soundtrack
for a movie, which want would it be?

The Barbie movie as it would have made the whole marketing
the album thing so much easier. We have plenty of pink outfits
in our closets already.”

What’s the band ultimate goal

“We just want to write songs, play shows and meet nice people really! That’s why we formed a band so we try to keep that in mind whenever the ‘work’ aspect of being in a band gets too much.”

Thank you for this interview, Crayon.
May the road rise with Lobsterbomb.



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