iskwē – Canadian Songstress Entices Again With Here New Vocal Score ‘SURE TO COME’

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30 July 2023

Artist: iskwē (pronounced iss-kway)

Who: Experimental, adventurous and much lauded Canadian singer/songwriter
who’s always exploring her own way of writing stout-hearted and unconventional,
yet captivating pop songs fitting her arresting vox. She’s as inventive, inspired and
imaginative as the great, surreal fairytale influenced sonic elf Björk

New single: SURE TO COME

iskwē: “I wrote this song as a conversation with myself, recognizing the anxiety I had been feeling about how it seemed as though regardless of how one might try, there will always be those who would prefer to see you fail rather than succeed.

But I didn’t want to sit in that state of worry, that constant fear of not being good enough.
I wanted to remind myself of the real reason I walk my walk: Do your best, hold your intentions in your heart, and trust that that’s what matters most, especially to the ones you love. The rest is sure to come.”

TUTV: Sure To Come emphasizes in the first place (again), the grandeur of iskwē‘s sublime voice, bringing the grand vocality of Florence Welch to mind. It lifts this new exquisite piece to a most enticing level. The song has an eastern vibe here and there, circling around sparkling percussion, and comes to a high every time the chorus comes on.

A crystal clear score.

And the accompanying video is a visual, animated spectacle.



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iskwē – The Unforgotten – CBC Music First Play Live Canada – 2018

Remarkable live performances

Two weeks ago fascinating Canadian singer/songwriter and artistic performer iskwē released her magnificent third LP called ‘acākosīk’. Here’s a stunning liev rendition of
‘The Unforgotten‘ one of the highlights of the record as performed last year for CBC
Music First Play Live Canada

Feel the pure power right here…

New LP ‘acākosīk’ in full here…

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OUT NOW! Intense Third LP By Venturesome Canadian Singer/Songwriter iskwē – Here’s ‘acākosīk’…

14 November 2019

Artist: iskwē (pronounced iss-kway)

Who: Experimental, adventurous and much lauded Canadian singer/songwriter
who’s always exploring her own way of writing stout-hearted and unconventional,
yet captivating pop songs fitting her arresting vox. She’s as inventive, inspired and
imaginative as the great, surreal fairytale influenced sonic elf Björk

Album: acākosīk – pronounced acha-ko-suk – means ‘The Stars’ in English

Released: 8 November 2019

iskwē thoughts: “With the love, strength and guidance I’ve been shown by the ones
who surround me, I have been able to bring a vision to life, and in turn, share it with you. Without this love, strength and guidance from the ones who surround me, the ones who care, this record would be no more than a dream – and for this I am eternally grateful. Together,
we share a vision. We see the kindness that exists in this world. We see the love. We feel the patience needed to reach beyond our hand’s extension, and for this, I am grateful.”

Sound: A multifaceted fusion of varied emotions, varied musical textures and varied
sonic structures. Art-pop with, both, a human and dreamlike side. An intriguingly
emotive fusion of electronic puissance, grand choir orchestration, some profound
pensive moments and most of all a magnificent vocal impressiveness in the middle
of all the enchanting splendor. Breathtaking expressiveness, perfervid dedication
and awe-inspiring craftsmanship.

Stream album here…






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Intriguing Canadian Singer/Songwriter ISKWĒ Touches Heart And Soul With ‘SWEET TUESDAY’ From Her New LP…

New sonic impulses

26 September 2019

Fascinating Canadian songwriter and intriguing voice iskwē just shared a new track from her forthcoming album called acākosīk (acākosīk, is pronounced acha-ko-suk. It translates in English to ‘The Stars‘). A heart and soul touching jewel called ‘SWEET TUESDAY‘.

iskwē revealed in a press statement that “I wrote this song for my dear friend, a kindred spirit who ventured back to the sky world after a long and courageous battle with cancer. This song and its visuals are a commemoration of our last visit together, during which we embraced our mutual fears for the road ahead as much as we celebrated the beauty and mystery life offers. “Sweet Tuesday” is my contribution to the ethos of healing and embracing every emotion along the way.”

Sweet Tuesday‘ will make you silent and listen to every single word. It’s both a saddening and heart-warming human story tenderly and evocatively performed. It’s about real-life, about feelings and emotions many people go through every day, therefore its dramatic impact is really direct and striking.

Listen here…

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Riveting Canadian Artist ISKWĒ Bewitches With New Superb Single/Video Clip ‘BREAKING DOWN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

27 July 2019

Riveting Canadian performer iskwē just released the second single off her new, upcoming album. ‘BREAKING DOWN’‘is about me finding my way back to my clan, the butterfly clan, which represents my family in the spirit world. I wanted to show the emergence of self, by shedding layers of the past while discovering strength in being true to who I am’ says iskwē.

This is art pop at its entrancing best. Forceful adventurous electro puissance, both profoundly impassioned and enticingly spellbinding and remarkable for its formidable orchestration and vocal impressiveness. An overall amazing accomplishment. So is the accompanying video clip. A visual tour de force. Experience the grandeur here…

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Monumental Electro Splendor And Vocal Grandeur – Here’s ISKWÉ feat. TANYA TAGAQ With ‘THE UNFORGOTTEN’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


17 February 2018

ISKWÉ is a Winnipeg-bred, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter (pronounced iss-kway) who “is fostering an unmistakable sound that weaves together her Irish and Cree/Dené roots with poignant politically charged lyrics, dark soulful R&B rhythms, electronic flourishes, and trip
hop breakbeats.”

This fascinating artist just released brand new track THE UNFORGOTTEN featuring the superb throat singer TANYA TAGAQ. It’s ” a community song that’s meant to be shared
by all people, a round dance where everyone holds the hand of the person next to them, forming a circle that connects us with our ancestors, as one. The current climate of events for Indigenous people is not lost on me and makes me feel that much stronger releasing this bad boy now. I’m proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I’m proud of what we’ve fought for, and how we continue to fight for our culture, our languages, our children, our women, our men, our earth and our water. But I’m also proud of all my non-Indigenous family and friends who continue to fight alongside us. This song is for all of us. Let’s dance together!”
” explains Iskwé.

THE UNFORGOTTEN is a truly magnificent masterstroke driven by vigorous vivacity, phantasmagorical passion and an immense intensity. The colossal electronic sound
feels like a mighty tribal trance-like celebration and the vocal performance is nothing
less than stunning. You’ll have this on repeat before you’re aware of it. Splendid score!
Sit down, relax, open your ears and your mind for something really special…

We are the war that’s forgotten
We stand up tall against the other side
We are the nation of tomorrow
We are the children who were not afraid to die

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

We are the ones, the unforgotten
We’re the acquaintance that the stories told you died
But we are here for all tomorrow
We are the keepers to forever hold up high

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh ohhhh

Wii do kaaw way Anishinaabe (help the people)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh

ISKWÉ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THE UNFORGOTTEN – available here on Bandcamp